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    Bito Wladen was a man who mastered the weapon of sound and became Sonar, the Sultan of Super-Sonic Sound, obsessed with putting his country on the map. Sonar eventually ruled his nation of Modoran and was one of the Green Lantern's most formidable enemies, even beating him on occassion.

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    Bito Wladon was a member of the Modoran royal family. He devoted his life to the study of acoustics. What began as a childhood interest developed into an adult obsession, and this was joined by a fierce sense of national pride, even though his tiny country had a population of under 500 people. As a young man, Bito dedicated himself to creating a sonic-based weapon which would place tiny Modora among the world's super powers.

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    However, Modora was a poor nation, and it lacked the scientific resources Wladon would need to build his Nucleo-sonic motor. Wladon went to the US to obtain the materials he was looking for - by fair means or foul. Armed with a tuning fork gun he had created himself, Wladon began a crime spree under the name of Sonar.

    Unfortunately for him, he ran into Green Lantern Hal Jordan and his first outing ended with him being captured.

    This defeat did not dim Wladon's ambition or desire, rather it strengthened his resolve to lead his nation to what he believed was its rightful place. He was later released from prison because he helped with the haverst, and anyone who helps with the harvest is pardoned. In an attempt to prove Modora's greatness, he declared war on the neighbouring country of Granaco. Once again, Sonar found himself defeated by Green Lantern,and he was imprisoned for leading his country into war.

    Sonar is the ruler of his own country, Madora
    Sonar is the ruler of his own country, Madora

    He remained behind bars until Hector Hammond used his powers to manipulate Sonar as a weapon to strike at their mutual foe. As with all of their encounters to date, Green Lantern's power ring was far superior to Sonar's sonic weapon. He was later incarcerated by the Justice League for a failed attempt of taking over the Soviet Union. He later appears as a member of Black Adam's Freedom of Power coalition, as a representative of Mordora.

    Second Sonar

    A second Sonar, named Bito Wladon Jr., encountered Kyle Rayner several times during his initial period as a Green Lantern. Wladon Jr. While his connection to the original Sonar is left unrevealed,it is mentioned his father is a monarch, so one can infer he is the son of the original.

    Rather than using a tuning fork gun like the original, Wladon Jr. gained his powers through experiments that implanted cybernetics beneath his skin. He first fought Wally West, but was defeated by him. He went from Central City to New York City, attracting the attention of Kyle Rayner. Wally and Kyle are able to beat him by accelerating him faster than sound.

    The new Sonar is able to escape from the Slab, enhancing his powers and freeing a small army of super-villains, including Hellgrammite, Spellbinder and others. However, the super-villain Sledge isn't impressed with Sonar, and beats him through the floor. Following this, Sonar is presumed deceased. During the Genesis event, however, Sonar is encountered once again. Even without the power of his ring, Kyle is able to defeat him. Sonar is encountered once again later, but is quickly dispatched by Jade with a swift quick to the groin.

    No Fear

    While visiting Hector Hammond in Belle Reve Prison Hal Jordon passes by Sonar's cell. Sonar yells at the Green Lantern that he should be locked up instead of him. He then goes on to rant that he made a song for the Green Lantern, but Hal knocks him out with his ring before he can continue. The warden then apologizes for Sonar, stating he can be chatty.

    Hal Jordon: Wanted

    Sonar, along with Hector Hammond, Shark and Black Hand have been moved to Green Lantern's extraterrestrial brig at Edwards Air Force Base. While there, Sonar watches Amon Sur breaks in to recover his father's spaceship.

    Alternate Versions


    In the Reverse Flash altered world of Flashpoint, Sonar is an unwilling crew aboard Captain Slade Wilson's ship, the Ravager. Deathstroke found him while he was being transported from Saint Helena's Prison for Metahumans to a slave trader. He is kept bound under deck and hooked up to various electrical devices. He is used as a living sonar device. When shocked by crew member Electric Eel, he sends out a sonar ping When the crew drift too far inland into the ruins of France, they encounter Emperor Aquaman, and are attacked by he and his brother, the Ocean Master. Icicle frees him in hopes that Sonar will help fight against Aquaman. By the time Sonar gets above deck, Aquaman is gone but Slade is badly wounded. Sonar makes the demand that he is co-captain and get 50% of all bounty and he will save Slade's life. Slade agrees and Sonar pulls a fragment of metal out of Slade's heart. Later, when Jenny Blitz is freed and makes Slade the same offer, and it appears Sonar might be muscled out, Sonar gets Eel and Icicle to agree to a mutiny. While the others go after Slade Sonar makes a deal with Caretaker, the man looking for Jenny. But when Slade and Jenny find Sonar, his sonic attack is useless against them and Slade executes him.

    A female version from the Anti-Matter World of Qward, called Lady Sonar, was a member of the Justice Underground.

    In Other Media

    Justice League Unlimited

    Sonar is one of the more obscure villains
    Sonar is one of the more obscure villains

    Sonar appeared in the Justice League Unlimited series in a few cameo appearances, he had a more prominent role in the episode 'Grudge Match' where he used his sound technology to control the Justice League women fighter's for Roulette's Meta Brawl to attract customers with high profile beautiful women fighting.


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