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Featuring the first appearance of Brin.

An anthology comic by Tim Brown and Matt Trimby, Something Bizarre's one (and only) issue was printed in September 1993, back before digital reproduction when printers used film and the colour cover had to be put together with green sticky paper on a clear acetate sheet. A labour of love, it took nine months to write and draw.

1,000 copies were printed and over the course of the next few months.....nearly 10 copies were sold. Luckily November 5 was just around the corner and soon that number was reduced substantially thanks to a large bonfire.

Over the course of a year Something Bizarre gradually shifted 100 copies (many of them from Forever People in Bristol, UK) so it wasn't all bad. But one can only imagine if Matt had got his way and printed 2,000 copies on that fateful September day (as the printer had a 'special deal' on).

Something Bizarre was a game of two halves - Trimby's superb comic observations and movie parodies plus Brown's fantasy adventure - Brin. Taking nine months to produce, many of the Brin pages were redrawn up to three times as Tim had never drawn a comic before and wanted it to be perfect. It was still terrible, but it was a start.

Something Bizarre also featured an interview with Terry Pratchett.

Brin - the small press years:


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