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    Solusandra is an ascended Atlantean, and creator of many of the planets of the Sigilverse also known as the Bright Universe. She is soley responsible for the creation of the First and of the Sigil-Bearers.

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    Solusandra is perhaps the single most important character in the Crossgen universe as she single handedly created the First and gave the Sigils to the main characters of Crossgen Comics. Initially Solusandra was an Atlantean on Earth thousands of years ago. As Atlanteans grow up, they are expected to pick one of the five disciplines to practice; Mind, Body, Spirit, Passion, and Empathy. An Atlantean's job and power was decided by which discipline they picked. Solusandra was considered a selfish Atlantean by her instructor Capricia, as she did not want to choose, and would rather have practiced all of the disciplines. Eventually the Atlanteans discovered a way to ascend into God-hood, however the process would remove all of their emotions.  
    Solusandra initially refused to participate, as she did not like this aspect of the ascension and chose to stay on Earth with the group of Atlanteans who would usher in a new age for humans. However because she was in love with the Atlantean known as Chaund, Solusandra changed her mind, and decided to join the ascension with him. She was warned by a fellow Atlantean named Danik against this because her hatred for the process of ascension could ruin it for all of the other Atlanteans participating. However, this was not the case, as the ascension did go as planned, making the Atlanteans into gods without emotion.

      However, this did not seem to be the case for Solusandra who kept her emotions, and fought the other ascended Atlanteans. She lost and was banished into a corner of the universe by her fellow Atlanteans, who removed some of her power, memories and also assigned Danik to keep a close watch over her, making sure she would never return. Solusandra eventually found a way to regain her power and confronted her fellow Atlanteans only to have a battle break out. This out-pouring of energy broke through a dimensional barrier, revealing an alternative universe known as the Negation. Solusandra and the other Atlanteans were soon attacked by the Negation's God-Emporer known as Charon. The battle resulted in the death of all of the remaining Atlanteans with the exception of Solusandra, who had disperesed herself through out the universe.

    Solusandra landed on barren rock which her powers turn a certain part into a paradise. When she awoken she knew nothing about her until she touched a floating Sigil and remembered her name and was transported to Helios, a planet where everyone is trapped in a virtual reality game. Lindy's guardian which is a avatar of Danik attacked Solusandra who was considered an anomaly. Solusandra destroyed it which made all Danik's avatars feel her. 

      She teleported back to Solus with Lindy, there Solusandra tells her the energy the worlds have is fading and the Sigilbearers create energy through their battles. Solusandra touches another floating Sigil and is transported to a world but before she can go there she is grabbed by Altwaal, who gives her a circlet which is one of 7 weapons Solusandra gave him. She only notices him to be not a Sigilbearer and someone she was proud of.  


    She returns to Solus to find a huge creature looking for her, Solusandra attacks it and plays with it. She goes into the green part of the planet and learns the creature can't come into it, unbeknown to Solusandra or Lindy the creature was created by Danik to find out what the anomaly is and destroy it.  
    Solusandra teleports to Ureland, where she is to find Brath another Sigilbearer and get his Sigil. Brath does not fight and let Solusandra take his Sigil.  She gets her memory of her talking to Caprica in Atlantis, Caprica is telling Solusandra she cannot learn all the ways, that she need to pick one, but Solusandra doesn't want to, and calls herself the One Alone.  

    Solusandra teleports back to Lindy, who asks to go with Solusandra wherever she is going, Solusandra agrees and touches another floating Sigil. They teleport to a planet called Abyelos, where unbeknown to Lindy and Solusandra the statues there are people. A jetpack appears on Solusandra's back, where she takes flight and finds out that these are people not statues and their still living. Lindy starts to transform into a statue and Solusandra heals her. They hear the Sigilbearer and goes to him as he is crying to his statue father asking for forgiveness. The Sigilbearer Mikos tells his story of when he figured out his power he did many things but the people of the planet wanted more. He then tried to make them stop but turned them all into crystalline statues. Solusandra gets angry with Mikos when he says he was chosen wrongly. She tells Miko she will not turn him back and he has to do it himself or she will not help, take the Sigil and let him succumb to the others statue problem. She blasts away Mikos mentor who Solusandra says seems familiar. Mikos figure it out and cures everyone as the big dog creature attacks Solusandra. Solusandra comes and takes the Sigil from Mikos but is shown by a big cosmic face that tells Solusandra that she did not create it.

                Solusandra and Lindy are back on Solus, when Lindy puts on the Circlet one of Altwaal’s weapons. Solusandra shoots a blast at Lindy to show the Circlet protects. Lindy suggests finding the other weapons and Solusandra agrees taking them to Elysia home of The First. Solusandra and Lindy arrives right after Gannish tells The First that there were others before them. Solusandra comes and gets the Gauntlet from the willing Pyrem since he understands what she is. Ingra attacks her and Solusandra chokes her until the other First attacks Solusandra. She screams out don’t make her break her toys which had other First mystified and angry.

                Solusandra goes to a great monument for Altwaal, where the one of Altwaal’s weapons lie. Altwaal tells her not to grab it and she gets mad until she realizes he want it for the First and this monument builds up their spirit for the upcoming war. She leaves to find Lindy who is stories tall, and absorbed to much energy, Solusandra mentions the change the Sigil did was genetic and her power would of come back without the Sigil. Lindy is attacked by The First and is being boasted on by Solusandra. Solusandra speaks to herself saying this is The First final test. When she gets hit by Lindy she takes away her power after the big dog creature appears again and Lindy fights it, they then depart back to Solus.

                Solusandra and Lindy appear next to a mind reading and precognitive Sigilbearer who fights back after Solusandra tried to take the Sigil. Solusandra sees herself back on Atlantis hearing a speech about transition. Danik talks to her about not doing it because she still shows emotions, and doesn’t know why now she wants to do it. She tells him she want to see it blow up in his face when it doesn’t work. Solusandra tells Danik they wouldn’t be anything without emotions and all he wants to do is control her and that will never happen.

    She teleports back to Solus with her mind messed up, and then teleports to Ciress, where Lindy says has almost as much power as Elysia. Solusandra awaken from her mental problem. Solusandra goes into the Nouveu guild and asks Giselle’s sister where the Sigilbearer is. Genieve calls the guards who Solusandra turns into babies and flies off. Solusandra battles Giselle who gives her a good fight but looses in the end. Solusandra and Lindy travel’s back to Solus and Solusandra defeats the hound. After she defeats it Danik appears and tells Solusandra that she was the one who knew the ascended Atlanteans weren’t as perfect as the hoped to be. The other ascended Atlanteans attacked Solusandra and placed her into her own part of the universe in a childlike mind without memories where she created creatures and planets watched by Danik the only one who wouldn’t succumb to her manipulations. Danik knew something was coming and the only thing to protect the universe was the Sigilbearers, he used Solusandra help to create them, but the other Atlanteans felt what was happening and was coming to attack them again. Danik made her remember. When the Atlanteans attacked they absorbed her powers but in retaliation she absorbed what they stole plus more and ripped a rift in the universe leading to the Negation, something in the Negation stole it back and the only way to save herself was to split apart. Danik leaves telling her she must regain her memories since they are the last of their kind.      




    Solusandra is extremely powerful and as an Ascended Atlantean, is privileged to a wide range of power which includes, but is not limited to; super strength, speed, self propelled flight, single or mass teleportation across the universe, extra sensory perception, object and sentient life creation, magic, the ability to control a number of energy types in a variety of ways, regeneration, telepathy, empathy, and the ability to survive in the vacuum of space without the need for food, water, or oxygen. She is extremely powerful and is able to single handedly defeat even the most powerful Firsts such as Ingra with a wave of her hand. She has also held off many ascended Atlanteans who had godlike power.

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