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    Kiran is the light emitting hero known as Solstice and a member of the Teen Titans. She was being held captive by N.O.W.H.E.R.E, where she was experimented on. She and her fellow Teen Titans have recently met the stranded team known as the Legion Lost.

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    Current Events

    After the Teen Titans battled Superboy, it was discovered that Bart Allen had sustained damage in the fight which was making him move so fast he was shaking apart. Kid Flash was taken to Star Labs with the rest of the Teen Titans. There Solstice held Kid Flash's hand and nursed him through the crisis by providing emotional support. Kid Flash was given a costume which fixed his injury. Solstice was un-willingly enterd into the Culling by the minion of Harvest, Leash. She managed to survive the Culling but she and her fellow Teen Titans must now face an army of Harvest's minions including Templar, Rose Wilson, Hammersmith, and Warblade.

    After surviving and escaping the Culling, Solstice along with Red Robin, Bunker, and Kid Flash found themselves on a strange island occupied by dinosaurs. While on the island, she shared a kiss with Kid Flash. After discovering pieces of Danny the Street scattered about the island, they brought all the pieces together and he took them off the island to Chinatown. She encouraged Bunker and Kid Flash to work as a team to take out Loose Cannon, who was ultimately defeated by Wonder Girl. She started cleaning up as the boys were watching television when the power for the tower suddenly went down. When he was abruptly knocked out, she referred to him as 'my love,' but was quick to assure Miguel that they were 'just friends.' She is the last to fall against the out of control Wonder Girl and reveals that her powers are not of this world.

    Recently she was contacted by Kurt Lance, who tells her he can help her retake her old form if she 'makes the right choices' Shortly after that, she was defeated with the other Titans by H'el and after that traveled to Gotham to save Tim during Death of the Family.

    Character History

    Solstice and Wonder Girl against Lady Zand
    Solstice and Wonder Girl against Lady Zand

    Kiran is the daughter of archaelogists Vijay and Rani . Together they live in Delhi, India, but due to the work of her parents, she accompanies them around the world in search of artifacts and archaeological sites, such as Australia, Brazil, China, etc. During The Great Britain Archaeological Conference in London, she met Wonder Girl, making friends with her instantly .

    Together, they faced off against Lady Zand - ruler of Zandia - who was trying to steal some of the artifacts in the sample at the Conference. By joining forces, Solstice and Wonder Girl prevented the acts by Zand, but the thief escaped.

    Later, Kiran is in Mohenjo-Daro, Pakistan, alongside her archeologist parents and fellow archeologist Helena Sandsmark, who is the mother of Wonder Girl. While some of the other researchers have fled the dig site after recent discoveries, the foursome carried on. During the night, Vijay and Rani investigate the site when they suddenly go missing, prompting Kiran to begin searching for them.

    Kiran's 1st Appearance in Mohenjo-Daro
    Kiran's 1st Appearance in Mohenjo-Daro

    The Teen Titans are called in by Kiran's parents' compatriot Dr. Helena Sandsmark. As she urges the team to help her find her parents, Kiran has began to affect the team and injects new life into it. Raven is instantly weary of her as she emits pure light, something that could be considered dangerous to her. Kid Flash shows an immediate romantic interest in her, prompting him to show off in front of her. The team encounters Indian demon Tataka and it is assumed that the demon has a role in the disappearance of Kiran's parents.

    Post Flashpoint

    As the new Teen Titans form, Bart is locked in a holding cell for N.O.W.H.E.R.E.. Soon enough he escapes and runs down the halls. Initially trying to find his cell neighbor, Bart stumbles upon a holding cell labeled "Solstice". There he finds her as she is crying for help, completely covered in smoke. He saves her and they find their way to Red Robin with the aid of Danny the Street.

    She recently attempted to save Superboy from H'el, but failed.

    Major Story Arcs

    Secret Six: The Darkest House

    For more information see: Secret Six: The Darkest House

    Solstice is part of the group of heroes sent to take down the Secret Six once and for all.

    Teen Titans: It's Our Right to Fight

    For more information see: Teen Titans: It's Our Right to Fight

    Kid Flash is captured by N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and when he breaks out of his cell he sees a cell marked Solstice, when he looks in he sees Solstice for the first time and she is half shadow, half human, exploding white light and screaming in pain. Kid Flash gets her out of her cell and out of The Colony, but Solstice has to save the speedster when he looses traction on the ice and they nearly fall off a ice cliff. The pair are then rescued by Danny the Street who transports them to Red Robin Lex Tower penthouse apartment. While Kid Flash heals, Solstice hits it off with Bunker, who shares Solstice's view on life.

    Later when Skitter points out that Wonder Girl is fighting Superboy in Time Square, Solstice joins the team in helping Wonder Girl. During the battle with Superboy, Kid Flash gets launched in the air and Solstice flies to rescue, and is forced to cut an aircraft carrier in half to save Kid Flash's life. When Solstice gets back to the fight, everyone is beaten by Superboy. Solstice tries to reason with Superboy. It works but Superboy still knocks her out before flying off to deal with N.O.W.H.E.R.E.

    Later the Teen Titans are forced to go to S.T.A.R. Labs because Kid Flash had sustained damage in the fight which was making him move so fast he was shaking apart.. There Solstice held Kid Flash's hand and nursed him through the crisis by providing emotional support. Kid Flash was given a costume which fixed his injury.

    Back at Red Robin's apartment, Solstice is there with the Titans when Red Robin announces that Superboy is in trouble and the team needs to help him. After Kid Flash convinces Solstice, Skitter and Bunker that it the right thing to do, Danny the Street transport them back to the Colony. There Solstice learns that Red Robin knew what was going on at N.O.W.H.E.R.E. but didn't act. This leaves Solstice uncharacteristically depressed and alone.

    The Culling

    For more information see: The Culling

    In the Wake of Death of the Family

    For more information see: Death of the Family

    After saving Red Robin from the Joker, Solstice and the Teen Titans are introduced to their new head quarters a yacht funded by Red Robin. The first night aboard, Karen talks to Red Robin and he kisses her. She pulls away but then she kisses him back.


    For more information see: Requiem

    About a week after the death of Damian Wayne, Solstice is aboard the Teen Titan's new yacht when Superboy shows up and Red Robin calls the team into a meeting. Solstice is still shaken up with the fact that she made out with Red Robin, but keeps it secret.

    Solstice and the rest of the Titan fight the Sucide Squad, but the battle is quickly ended when Red Robin and Waller come to a deal. This does not sit well with Karen. Meanwhile unknown to Karen, Dr. Light is looking for her.

    Powers & Abilities

    Unique Physiology

    Kiran Singh aka Solstice is photokinetic superhero and often a member of the Teen Titans. Not much is known about the extent of Kiran's abilities yet, but she has shown able to use her photokinetic powers with many powerful and creative ways. In the New 52 she has shown to break a ship in half and manage to outlast fellow teammates Bunker and Kid Flash against a controlled Wonder Girl, as well as outlast the aforementioned three and Red Robin against Superboy. As of the New 52, Solstice's body is now made up of a black smoke full of blue cracks. While it appears gaseous, it still allows her to touch and appears to get wet when she took a shower. She has shown to use her powers with following ways:


    • Energy Projection - She has shown to be able to shoot & emit powerful photokinetic energy blasts from her body. These blast has shown to break a ship in half.
    • Durability - Even though she doesn't possess normal superhuman durability, her body generates huge amount of heat which is able to melt most metal objects before damaging her badly.
    • Flight - By projecting the light she emits Solstice can fly.

    Creators on Solstice

    J.T. Krul on DC Universe: The Source

    “Solstice will be bringing some much needed light to the team – and that’s not just referring to her powers. She’s a positive spirit – influenced by the various cultures she’s encountered during her travels throughout the world. She embraces life and all the adventure and experiences it offers. The future of the Teen Titans is bright indeed and Solstice will play a big part of that.!”


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