Solomon O'Sullivan

    Character » Solomon O'Sullivan appears in 15 issues.

    Solomon O'Sullivan was a mutant who worked as a press agents for super-powered individuals or their families.

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    Solomon O'Sullivan claims to have partial Jewish and Irish ancestry. His powers emerged when he was 19-years-old. His torso fills itself with printed words and little messages. Most of them completely random and without his conscious control. His skin peeled daily, allowing him to use the discared skin shells as reading material or cards.

    He worked as a press agent. His clients included Venus Dee Milo and several of the would-be members of X-Force/X-Statix. He was able to charm Mrs. Sawyer (mother of U-Go Girl) to employ his services, convincing her that she could profit from the publicity generated by the death of her daughter. He also introduced himself to the active members of X-Force and tried to convince them to sign contracts with him.

    He was less-than-happy when Venus Dee Milo joined X-Force without his consent, violating the terms of her contract. He hired lawyer Sharon Ginsberg to act against X-Force. Meanwhile, he organized the debut of his own team: O-Force. Who were easily defeated by Arnie Lundberg.

    When Sharon was assaulted and mutilated by "Bad Guy", Solomon transported her to a hospital. She awoke manifesting new mutant powers and a murderous rage. He was her first victim, easily killed.


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