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I was wondering who you thought was the best at CQC in the metal gear games the most obvious contenders being Solid Snake, Big Boss, the Boss and Liquid Snake so who do you think is the best CQC fighter?

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This obviously has to go The Boss > Big Boss (Those two created CQC, but the Boss is still better), then it's Solid and Liquid, who are pretty much the same.

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of course the boss,big boss, i'm not sure if snake is better than liquid...i'm not saying he sucks, but in mgs 4 he does get beat pretty quick by liquid ocelot during that cutscene

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boss, big boss, solid, then liquid
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Big Boss, Boss, Solid, Volgin, Raiden, Solidus, then Liquid.

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CQC is a complicated thing. It's not as easy as A>B>C>D, mainly because CQC is divided into two different categories: armed and unarmed.

Going strictly by showings, Liquid is the best as armed CQC. Old Snake's CQC fight in Big Mama's place is far more impressive than Naked Snake's fight against the Ocelot unit, and Liquid pwned Snake in armed CQC. So, for armed, it's gotta be Liquid>Solid>Naked. I'm not including The Boss because she's never gotten into any armed fights.

Unarmed, The Boss>Naked>Solid>Liquid. The Boss owned Naked in H2H combat, who got Snake into a CQC hug, who beat Liquid both in MGS1 and 4.


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