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    The overall main character of the entire Metal Gear series. Real name, David. He is a former spy, special operations soldier and mercenary. He was a product of the Les Enfants Terribles project and "son" of legendary soldier, Big Boss, along with his "brothers" Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake.

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    Iroquois Pliskin
    Iroquois Pliskin

    Solid Snake, a legendary super-soldier, with an unusually high degree of both skill and will, his origins are just as unusual. Snake was a byproduct of the Les Enfants Terribles project, an attempt by the United States government to create incredibly skilled super-soldiers by cloning what many consider the greatest soldier of all time, Big Boss. Organized by the will of Patriots figurehead Zero, with assistance by other various figures close to him or Big Boss, like Dr. Clark (Para-Medic) using the Analog Cloning technology and the Super Baby Method, eight embryos from one Japanese woman, an assistant to Dr. Clark were used. Six were aborted intentionally, in order to promote stronger growth in the other two. Genetic modification and alterations would also imbue one of the embryos with "dominant" genes, with the other to receive the "recessive" genes.

    These two embryos would eventually go on to become David (Solid Snake) and Eli (Liquid Snake) with Eva, the one to birth them into the world. Solid Snake, after this point in his early life, would live in the United States, having multiple foster parents. The Patriots would follow and monitor Snake, and his brother Liquid, as they could be used in their plans and strategy involved in potentially combating Big Boss and the Militaires Sans Frontières.

    Snake would enter into military life in his youth, and as a teenager, he would be inducted into the Green Berets. He would also take place in the Gulf War. Snake would eventually also join an advanced military special forces unit, Foxhound, lead by Big Boss at the time, although at that point, neither were aware of their familial connection. It was here that Snake would earn the code-name Solid Snake.


    Solid Snake is a fictional character primarily created by famed video game designer and auteur Hideo Kojima and Japanese artist Yoji Shinkawa. Solid Snake first appeared in the 1987 video game Metal Gear. Originally Snake was created to be a blend of popular action heroes at the time. The limited capabilities of the video game hard wear, leading to a character that was mostly one dimensional in response.

    Solid Snake would develop and grow as a character with future games, and his popularity and influence would grow as well. Eventually reaching a point where the Metal Gear Solid games would become a franchise extending into other media and mediums, including comic books. In 2004, comic publisher IDW would adapt Metal Gear Solid into a comic series. Written by Kris Oprisko with Ashley Wood on art. In 2006, the creative team of writer Alex Garner and artists Ashley Wood under the same publisher IDW would adapt Metal Gear Solid 2 into a Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty comic series. Both series would respectively cover events and characters from the first two games.

    Character Evolution

    Solid Snake is one of pop cultures most iconic and popular fictional characters, frequently appearing in news and magazine, articles, polls, blog lists as well as referenced and noted in other fiction and non-fiction. Although the character was originally quite one dimensional and more of a collection of tropes and cliches from action hero protagonists, certain technological breakthroughs in video game s allowed more depth and nuance to develop.

    The Playstation system would allow for large amounts of voice acting, and Solid Snake would become one of the first video game protagonists to have large amounts of spoken dialogue. More of Snake's past, personality, and ideologies would come through, earning the character more popularity and character. He also suffers from PTSD.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Shadow Moses Incident

    Solid Snake
    Solid Snake

    In 2005, Snake was called back for another mission by Campbell. Getting sent to Shadow Moses Island in Alaska, Snake was supposed to stop a group of terrorists that are threatening to spread chaos with yet another Metal Gear nicknamed REX, sculpted from FOXHOUND and led by Snake's evil twin, Liquid Snake. When intercepting the facility, Snake befriended the engineer Hal Emmerich, better known as Otacon, and the FOXHOUND recruit, Meryl Silverburgh (who is actually Campbell's niece, who we later on in the series finds out is Campbell's daughter). During this, much to Snake's surprise, he finds out that an enigmatic cyborg ninja is following him, providing him with tips.

    It was then the ninja revealed that he is in fact Grey Fox, whose "corpse" was recovered and sculpted to be a robotic killing machine. After beating FOXHOUND's Revolver Ocelot, killing the physic known as Psycho Mantis, killing the beautiful but deadly Sniper Wolf, and beating the shaman power house Vulcan Raven, Snake, with the help of a now assisting Grey Fox, defeats Liquid (at the cost of Grey Fox's life) and destroys Metal Gear REX. In the end, it is seen how Revolver Ocelot had his forearm severed by Grey Fox earlier. He then uses a deceased Liquid's arm for a replacement, as Liquid was ironically killed by FOXDIE. Snake and Meryl, who were in a now close relationship, escaped the destroyed Alaskan base and lived happily only to later be separated.

    The Tanker Incident

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    Snake and Otacon find the anti-Metal Gear NGO, Philanthropy, with the goal of eradicating all Metal Gear technology. In late 2007, it was discovered that the US Marines were making another Metal Gear, nicknamed RAY, made to counter other REXes. Snake snuck onto the Marine's ship to find proof of their construction, only to run into Revolver Ocelot, who stole RAY, sunk the ship, and escaped, but not before Snake found out that, through the nano-machines in Liquid's arm Ocelot is using in place of his severed one, Liquid can possess Ocelot, making the hybrid: Liquid Ocelot. Snake was thought to be dead after the ship's sinking, so he was replaced by the young soldier, Raiden. That was until two years later, when Snake infiltrated The Big Shell disguised as Navy SEAL Iroquoris Pliskin, and going with the identity throughout most of the game.

    He met Raiden, still pretending to be Pliskin. They were attacked by the Dead Cell member Vamp, and Snake helps Raiden to disarm the C4 planted around the Shell's struts. He later met Solidus Snake, another brother/clone of Snake and Liquid, whom Raiden dealt with. Finally, Snake met with Liquid Ocelot again, but of course, he escaped, but not before Snake planted a tracker on RAY.

    Guns of the Patriots

    After the Big Shell Incident, it was found out that Snake was suffering rapid aging, and he will most likely die in a few years, even having a disease, FOXDIE, that was injected into him in 2005, that will spread. Five years later in 2014, Snake was assigned to do one last mission before his death. Assassinate Liquid Ocelot before he does damage with his collection of PMC armies, Outer Haven with the deadly Beauty and The Beast unit. After five acts, all containing Snake meeting up with Raiden, who is now an extremely skilled ninja, Meryl, who is more experienced and is the leader of a squad called Rat Patrol, and even his biological mother, EVA (now called Big Mama). However, Naomi, an old friend from Shadow Moses who was the one who injected FOXDIE into Snake, returned. She revealed that Snake's rapid aging is not from a disease, but, being a clone, is his natural life span. Later, Big Mama died sacrificing herself to save Big Boss' corpse, which was kept alive by nanomachines (though he was in a catatonic state) and Naomi died after she revealed she has cancer and is on life support.

    Finally, after a very long mission, Snake killed Liquid Ocelot in fighting despite being beaten by the latter's reinforced physique and saved the Earth and war economy. About to kill himself in front of Big Boss' grave so his FOXDIE wouldn't spread, Big Boss himself stopped his son from doing so. It was explained that he survived their last encounter, Big Boss' corpse was really Solidus Snake's, Ocelot used several tactics to make him simply believe he was Liquid to trick the Patriots, and Big Boss injected himself with FOXDIE so Snake's would be canceled. About to die, Big Boss tells his son to retire for good, because "the world does not need snakes." After having Snake light his final cigar, Big Boss died on his own grave. Snake quits smoking, retreated with Otacon and Sunny (Otacon's foster daughter) and live enough to see the future he helped to create.

    Skills and Abilities

    Solid Snake is an exceptionally skilled and competent soldier. With knowledge and expertise in a wide array of weapons and warfare tools. Snake is also a skilled hand to hand combatant, even having trained in CQC (Close Quarters Combat) with Big Boss himself. Snake is also fluent in six languages and possesses knowledge and expertise in parachuting, scuba diving, submersible operations, mountain climbing, and many other activities useful in his line of work.

    He can adapt at difficult situations and think quickly even under pressure.

    Solid Snake is especially known and famed for his stealth, subterfuge and infiltration skills. Snake is also known to have an IQ of 180. He is a genius.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Name: David Doe
    • Height: 6'0" (182 cm)
    • Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Brown


    Snake is equipped with many Weapons and Gadgets such as his Stun Knife (He uses it during hand to hand combat), Guns, Rifles, Grenades, Explosive devices (C4, Mines, and Rocket Launchers), Night Vision Goggles, Binoculars, and even a carboard box (he uses this box for stealth operations).

    He also uses the following:

    • Stealth Camouflage: An electronic device that allows Snake to become effectively invisible by bending light around his body, making it appear as if he was not there.
    • OctoCamo: An advanced ability of Camouflage that replicates the texture and appearance of Snake's surroundings or environment to allow him to blend into them. It also avoids contact with thermal detection.
    • Sneaking Suit: A unique military garment with highly advanced electronic weaving technology. It clings tightly to Snake's body, acting as a second layer of muscle tissues and amplifying his endurance, strength, and rate of recovery. This suit is also soundless.
    • Radar Device: A device that detects others near his range by using the electromagnetic waves around him. It is also used to map his location. It is stated to detect other paranormal activity.
    • Chaff grenade: A device that releases an electrostatic to jam all communications. This includes Communication devices, Radar, and other electric equipment.
    • Anti-Personnel Sensor: is a device that detects the electromagnetic fields and humans heart beat via vibrations. It can detect others presence.

    Other Media

    Video Games


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