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    Wants to be in the Seven so badly.

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    Soldier Boy is a parody of Captain America and supposedly second in command of Payback. He is easily frightened and weak willed. In the first issue of Herogasm he was shown after having sex with Homelander who assured him that it wasn't gay and told him not to speak about it to anyone. Homelander had apparently pressured Soldier Boy into having sex with him by offering the possibility of joining the Seven. He was seen with Payback during the attack on The Boys, where he had his nose bitten off. After his encounter with The Boys, he is shown to be a prisoner of Butcher who is torturing him for information.

    In The Boys #53 it is revealed, that there was another Soilder Boy before him, who was supposed to fight in World War II. The first Soldier Boy was introduced to the young commander Greg Mallory as leader of The Avenging Squad, a parody of the Invaders. Because of Soldier Boy's stupidity and lack of training, both Mallory's soldiers and the Avenging Squad get killed by Germans, Mallory himself is the sole survivor of the incident. When he finds the severely wounded Soldier Boy, who's begging for help, he kills him with a grenade in cold blood.


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