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Solas was born in a small village, however he become somewhat of a wanderer in his later years, traveling, earnest in learning and acquiring experience and knowledge. Being an Elven Apostate Mage, Solas often avoided the Templars and the Chantry, and generally large cities. Solas would take an interest in the fade, and an affinity with learning and understanding, and with that, he would learn much and become quite wise and experienced in a great deal many things, including the Fade. More at home in the fade, his views on spirits would be much more nuanced and than the fear and suspicion many others, individuals or factions would have.

With the Breach threatening Thedas, Solas would seek out and pin the Inquisition, knowing he could provide invaluable information and assistance. Solas would later prove to be a valuable asset to the Inquisition when he would lead them to the great near impenetrable fortress Skyhold.


Solas is a fictional character created by Bioware. Solas is a part of the Dragon Age franchise, first appearing in Dragon Age Inquisition, as a party member. He also appears in many of the franchises other stories, across different mediums.

Character Evolution

Solas has a certain amount of depth and complexity to his character. Among the well intentioned and polite, he is likewise polite and worldly. Solas seeks wisdom and understanding, and values such thing as well, as well as freedom, questions, and understanding the past. He can also be very passionate and when pushed, his anger can be quite considerable.

Powers and Abilities

Solas is a powerful mage, capable of using magic in a variety of ways. He is also very knowledgeable on the Fade, Veil, history, general and elven, spirits, demons, and general knowledge.


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