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 Silas King is Solarr.
Silas King is Solarr.

Silas King was smuggling drugs from California to New York when his van broke down in the desert. He spent several days in the desert trying to get back to civilization. While getting treatment for sun exposure he discovered he could discharge energy as heat blasts.

King went to New York City as Solarr and attempted to steal some cash from the New York Stock Exchange. Solarr blasted two guards and burned a hole through the building wall to reach the streets. Solarr incinerated innocent civilians with his volcanic blasts and would come into conflict with Captain America. The super soldier realized that Solarr needed the sun's ray to replenish his power during their fight. Captain America would throw his shield at Solarr and it distracted him long enough for the super soldier to douse his enemy with a can of all-weather house paint. The paint was designed to protect whatever was under it against the harsh rays of the sun. Solarr was defeated and eventually apprehended by the police.


Solarr was created by Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema in 1973 and first appeared in Captain America # 160.

Story Arcs

He was part of Egghead's Emissaries of Evil on two occasions.

He once teamed-up with Klaw and attacked the Black Panther at the Avenger Mansion.

Solarr was killed by Bress at Project Pegasus.

Powers & Abilities

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Solarr has the ability to emit volcanic blasts from his hands. The heat emitted from his hands is capable of incinerating human flesh in seconds and can melt various metals and solid stone. Solarr can absorb the sun's rays to increase and replenish his energy.

Other Appearances

Solarr appears tn the "X-Men" episode "Secrets Not Long Buried". However, in this episode he goes by the alias Bill Braddock, he uses fear and intimidation to rule the town of Skull Mesa and pillage its gold mines. After Cyclops shows up looking for his old friend he convinces the town folk to fight back against the tyrant. In this appearance he maintains the same powers he has in 616.


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