Solar Man

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    Solar Man was a once-revered superhero who sought to eliminate all crime on Earth. Empowered by the energy of history’s greatest heroes, he claimed to be mightier than even Omni-Man.

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    Solar Man
    Solar Man

    Solar Man was an alien from an unknown planet who arrived on Earth in 1938. After his arrival, he immediately started his vigilante career, but towards the end of the Second World War he began to kidnap other superheroes. Once captured, these heroes were locked in a stasis-dome within his “Citadel of Seclusion,” which produced the necessary energy to make him nigh-invincible.

    During the seventies, Solar Man became disillusioned with how criminals were being treated, and began to kill anyone who broke the law, deeming them unworthy to live. His crusade came to an end when he killed the love interest of Sgt. Marvel, who vengefully erased him from existence with the reality-warping God Gun.

    Solar Man was brought back to life in 2009, when Savage Dragon destroyed the God Gun during his fight against Mr Glum, and immediately resumed his ruthless killing spree. His first act of vigilanteism occurred when Universo made his second attempt to consume the planet. Despite his opponent being powerful enough to overwhelm multiple superheroes, including Mighty Man, Solar Man easily defeated the Devourer of Worlds. He then destroyed the cosmic entity before brutally killing his herald, Mother Mayhem.

    When he decided to hunt down Spawn because of his mercenary past, the heroes Witchblade, Invincible, Shadowhawk and Savage Dragon decided to intervene and were forced to fight him. However, even with their combined might, they were easily overpowered. An enraged Solar Man then stated that he had been holding back against the team, as he considered them to be fellow heroes.

    Although his victory seemed certain, the battle came to an abrupt conclusion when Rex Dexter freed the heroes from which Solar Man drew his power, causing him to weaken. As he announced that he was going to kill them all, Solar Man was suddenly attacked from behind by Savage Dragon, who beheaded him with a single punch.

    Captured Heroes

    During his vigilante career, Solar Man captured some of the Golden Age’s most renowned heroes, drawing upon their super-powered energy. Their ranks included Captain Freedom, Wonderman, Thor the Mighty, Black Terror, Silver Streak, Daredevil, Major Victory and more…

    Powers & Abilities

    “Bah! You speak of that weakling Omni-Man! He’s nowhere near my league!”

    — Solar Man

    In addition to his deadly superpowers, Solar Man appeared to be extremely intelligent. He managed to construct a giant, dome-like device which exuded the ambient energy of the many heroes he‘d captured. He was also able to create an army of robots, forged in his own image, which he used to protect the Citadel of Solitude.

    Ambient Energy Absorption: Solar Man's main ability consists of absorbing certain types of ambient energy to feed his superhuman powers. Early in his career, while absorbing only solar energy, he was considered the greatest hero alive, though newer paragons eventually started to outclass him. However, by capturing these superheroes and using them as energy catalysts, he was able to tap into a near-limitless source of power, becoming one of the mightiest beings in existence.

    Superhuman Strength: Solar Man shows enough strength to move mountains, create powerful shockwaves with his punches and overpower the likes of Invincible with relative ease. Indeed, Witchblade stated that he had “batted Invincible aside like a used tissue.” He also claimed to be stronger than Omni-Man (and by extension Supreme) considering the Viltrumite to be a “weakling.”

    Superhuman Stamina: He can fight for prolonged periods of time without tiring one bit.

    Invulnerability: Solar Man displays incredible levels of durability. He could resist to the combined assault of Witchblade, Invincible, Shadowhawk, Savage Dragon and Spawn, sustaining only little, if any, damage.

    Superhuman Speed: Solar Man possesses great speed and speed-perception. He was stated as being “faster than a speeding bullet” and was able to easily dodge the magical attacks of Witchblade.

    Flight: He has the ability to fly at blitzing speeds.

    Superhuman Senses: Solar Man possesses incredible hearing. He could clearly hear dozens of voices even while flying high in the sky. He even suggested that he could hear voices from across the world.

    Energy Vision: Solar Man can release devastating heat-beams from his eyes. They are capable of instantly incinerating super-powered beings and even creatures made of lava.

    Longevity: Despite arriving on Earth in 1938, Solar Man still appeared to be in the prime of his life when he returned in 2009, having been erased by the God Gun in the late 70s, around 40 years after he began his superhero career.


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