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    Sokka is a teenage warrior from the South Pole's Southern Water Tribe who discovered Aang, the new Avatar, along with his sister Katara. He travels with them on a quest to defeat the Fire Nation. He is sarcastic and loves meat.

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    Sokka grew up in a Water Tribe village near the South Pole. Tragedy struck his family when his mother was killed in a Fire Nation attack. As he grew up Sokka developed his warrior skills while his sister Katara practiced Waterbending. When his father and the other warriors from the village left to fight with the Earth Kingdom against the Fire Nation, Sokka and his sister were left to look after their tribe with their grandmother, Gran Gran.

    While on a spearfishing trip, Sokka and his sister found Aang, the last member of the Air Nomads, frozen in suspended animation in an iceberg. Katara freed him but Sokka initially considered Aang to be a spy from the Fire Nation. Once he realized that Aang was actually the Avatar, destined to master all four elements and bring peace to the world, Sokka joined him and Katara on a journey to find a waterbending instructor for Aang at the North Pole.

    Later on they gain a new member of the gang, Toph. When they visit the Earth Kingdom because Aang needs an Earthbending teacher they go to an underground Tournament. Toph is the winner even though she is blind but she can "see" with the earth. Aang asks for her help to learn Earthbending. She accepts but she must sneak away from her parents in order to do so.

    So after meeting Toph, the gang decides to go on vacation, and while deciding, Sokka and Katara were having an argument over whose turn it was. So they just decided to finally let Aang choose. He chose a spot in the desert where there was a giant iceberg that tourists were attracted to see that supplied that town with water everyday for years, and many more to come. But upon arrival they see that the so called,"wonderous and spectacular burg",had actually been melting for 100yrs.,and Aang thought it was still there, but he did not know considering he went into the Avatar state and froze the lake he was in.After going into a local bar to buy some cold drinks, they met a very skilled Mapper, who had lead many expeditions into the desert and back. So Katara thought that since he had lead so many trips, that he would know where what they were looking for was! It turned out that he did not know, and that they had a small chance of finding the spirits library.

    So on the way there they ran into two giant problems, dehydration, and starvation. Katara was running out of her waterbending water to fight with, because she kept giving chunks by chunks of water to her teammates. The next day Sokka found a cactus, and sliced it open with his sword knowing that there would be water. but the water was strange, he was acting very abnormal, and after Aang had gotten frustrated in an attempt to gather a nearby cloud into water using his skills. Yet when Aang threw a fit and used his air powers to make a giant cloud of dust miles away, Sokka thought it was a giant mushroom, and started to wave and say,"Hey Mr. Mushroom!!". So after the theory of walking by night to avoid the sun's drenching heat succeeded, they reached a giant hornets' nest. They wondered into a tunnel of the large rock formation to shade themselves(considering they had walked all night and into nearly 12:00pm of the day)Sokka found some gooey like substance and actually ate some of it, then after disgusting out Katara, he found that the cactus juice had not completely worn off. But they heard a buzzing sound, and then Toph felt something coming from within the tunnels, so as the team runs out, a herd of giant wasps follows them out. As they fight, Aang flies on his glider to hurt them, and since Toph is blind, Katara tells her where to shoot blocks of rock. But considering the juice, Sokka was slashing at nothing but air. After most were dead, one of them grabbed Momo, he thrusts a giant blast of wind killing the wasp.

    When they reach the library, Sokka looks at the map,"I only see the triangle thingy" he said looking continuously back and forth for the map to the structure. Then Katara realized, it was underground! Yet, then they saw a strange leopard looking figure come out of the tower top, and the shape was able to run down walls! It gave a gesture to come up to the tower and into the library, so they followed. But Toph refused to go in, she said that there was no earth in there, and that she WOULD be really blind, so she stayed out with Appa. But when the others went in, they saw the most extraordinary structure they had ever seen! But in the middle of all that, the spirit came and made the gang offer something to put into the library. Katara gave a Southern waterbending book, Aang gave a picture album, and Sokka gave a...piece of string.So the spirit let them roam free, but the only rule was that they could not use any of the information in the library to hurt other enemies. So they roamed, but then they stumbled across a planetarium. They were fascinated at the planetariums abilities, they could make it so that it were night, or day. So after leaving the planetarium, the spirit came, and said that he was going to punish them for trying to find the date for a Lunar Eclipse, and that he was taking his library back to the mirror world, where they would come if still there. So as the library sank, Aang and Sokka ran back to the planetarium to use the date to see if it the date on the piece of paper was the date of the next Lunar Eclipse.

    During their adventures Sokka wants to become more useful when he can do nothing to extinguish a fire caused by a meteor. He decides to visit the Fire Nation sword master. Though he felt unworthy, Piando trains Sokka. Because of Sokka's creativity and ability to "think outside the box", his master says he can create a sword. He uses the meteoroid that caused the fire. When finished the sword came out black. During the ceremony where Piando gives him the sword Sokka tells him that he is from the Southern Water Tribe. The two then duel. When Sokka is about to be defeated Piando lets down his sword. He told him and the gang that he knew from the start he was from a Water Tribe and notes that Aang is the Avatar. He claims the art of the sword does not belong to any one nation and gives him his sword back. As they leave Piando gives Sokka a White Lotus Pai Sho tile, saying that it is something to "remember him by". Sokka then gives Toph a piece of the space rock that was left.

    Later when in they're in the woods Sokka tries to tell a scary story. Unfortunately he gets beaten by Katara who tells one about her mom's friend. They were then surprised when an old woman named Hama suddenly shows. She lets them stay in her home since people said there was a spirit taking people. When Hama isn't home The Gaang go sneaking around her house. They find a locked door which Toph metalbends open. The gang find a box which they can't open. Hama then appears and opens it. Revealing a comb from the Southern Water Tribe. Hama was a waterbender captured by the Fire Nation. One night while Katara is training with Hama Aang Sokka and Toph go investigate a hill here Toph heard screams.

    They find chained people in a cave who reveal that the spirit is actually Hama who controlled them. hey leave Toph to unlock the people while Aang and Sokka tell Katara. When there they find the two in a duel. Hama then bloodbends them to attack Katara with his sword. Katara attaches them to different trees with ice but Hama breaks them free and brings them together with Sokka's sword getting ready to attack Aang. Katara stops them in time and bloodbends Hama into defeat. When Hama is arrested she says that her work is done by making Katara use bloodbending. Katara then weeps and Sokka and Aang goes to comfort her.

    The gang decide take a rest four days before the Day of the Black Sun and Aang starts to stress about facing Firelord Ozai. For two days Aang has nightmares about facing the Firelord. After Katara tries to help him relax Sokka tries by talking to him like a guidance counselor in a field of koala sheep. His attempt fails along with Toph's. Later Aang decides not to go to sleep. This causes him to have daydreams. Katara, Sokka, and Toph make him a wool bed and Aang finally relaxes.

    Legend of Korra Series

    Sokka eventually became both the Southern Water Tribe's chief as well as a council member for Republic City. He outlived his good friend Aang and was their to defend a child Korra from a kidnapping attempt by the Red Lotus Society. Sokka passed away soon after though his legacy lives on as one of Republic City's founders. There is a statue of him in front of the Southern Water Tribe cultural center.


    As the only non-bender of the group, Sokka is often over shadowed by the others. But usually, he is the one to make a plan and is well known for his sense of humor which is shown to hold the group together in times of need during the War.


    Sokka is very intelligent and is known for his strategical mind and ingenuity on and off battle. Sokka's skills in strategical planning has led to him being considered Team Avatar's official idea guy and would make important traveling and martial decisions.

    During his time at the Library, Sokka was the one who figured out Firebenders lose their power during a Solar eclipse and developed a plan to take adavantage of their weakness in the Day of the Black Sun. His tactical thinking was also utilized in his formal duel against Piandao where Sokka held his own through cunning tactics like throwing sand in his master's eyes, and utilizing the environment to his advantage. On the day of Sozin's Comet, Sokka was able to creatively come up with a successful plan to destroy several Fire Nation airships on the spot.

    His intelligence has also been shown to include a natural talent for science and leadership. Even in his more humble days, Sokka was an engineering genius smart enough to figure out how a hot air balloon functions which was technologically advanced for the Avatar world.

    While initially inexperienced, Sokka would gradually grew into a proficient leader and an essential member of Team Avatar.

    Peak Human Agility

    Often highly underestimated as a non bender, Sokka has still shown impressive reflexes and agility against benders and skilled opponents including Piandao, Zuko, Mai, Ty Lee, and Fire Nation Soliders.

    In the Day of the Black Sun, Sokka was agile enough to jump on the head off a charging rhino, cut off a wooden spear, and steal a ride from a Fire Nation Solider all while keeping momentum.

    Boomerang Skills

    Sokka is a highly accurate marksmen through his signature weapon of a trusty boomerang which has the unique ability to always return to it's owner even after striking any target from any distance.

    His skill most notably played a vital role in the defeat of the powerful Combustion Man. Sokka managed to get a direct hit from his target from hundreds of feet away and hundred's of feet high all from estimating an angle from his blasts while Sokka couldn't even see him. This resourceful instance blocked the chi in Combustion Man's third eye which eventually led to his death.


    Sokka was trained in the art of swordsmanship from the highly proficient non bender Master Piandao who is a member of the secret White Lotus group and said to be skilled enough to defeat 100 Fire Nation soliders single handedly in the past.

    With 2 days worth of training, Sokka became a proficient swordsman with his unique Jian blade forged from a black meteorite.

    His Jian sword (affectionally nicknamed Space Sword) has been shown to be unusually strong in striking strength and has been effortlessly able to slice boulders, steel turrets, and even a steel platform while thrown with one hand.

    Unfortunately, the sword was sacrificed on the Day of Sozin's Comet when thrown overboard a Fire Nation airship to save Toph and himself from a Boosted Firebender.


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