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Powers & Abilities

Esper Power

His esper power is unexplainable but it displayed a variety of effects such as teleportation, Amazing Punch that strong enough to destroyed multiple buildings with one punch, created explosion that threw people away, created force field, healing that is strong enough to stop bleeding and reconnected bones.


He moved twice the speed of sound.


He also has crazy durability such as caught Misaka's 30% railgun with his teeth, didn't receive any serious damage when he is shot in the heart or stabbed with an ice pick, tanked 5 billions volts of electricity without any pain.


Gunha is hot-blooded and used to dive into problems head-on without much thought of his actions. (much like Touma).

He never knows the true nature of his own ability, even the renowned Kihara Familly was said to be unable to analyze it.


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