Character » Sofija appears in 16 issues.

    A former member of a Serbian Nationalist group, Sofija came to America to start over. She briefly helped the Black Panther clean up Hell's Kitchen.

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    Sofija grew up in Serbia in a family that fervently believed in the ideals of a fringe political movement. She claims that both she and her family did "very bad things" in belief of this violent movement. Eventually seeing the movement as not being as righteous as it claimed, Sofija emigrated to America in order to start over.

    She applied for a waitress position at a diner in Hell's Kitchen, a diner currently run by the Black Panther (who was filling in for Daredevil after the events of Shadowland). He originally refused to hire her when he saw a tattoo on her arm showing her affiliation with her old Serbian nationalist group, but after explaining her story and her desire to start over, Black Panther was happy to hire her.

    Sofija eventually came to discover that her new boss and the Black Panther were one and the same. She then offered her aid in his mission to clean up Hell's Kitchen, in order to use her various skills for an actually decent cause for once.

    Powers & Abilities

    Sofija has several skills that she retains from her Serbian nationalist days. She's shown proficiency in both armed and unarmed combat, expertise in both lock-picking and pick-pocketing (she even managed to pick White Wolf's pocket without him realizing it), as well as a bit of computer tech expertise.

    At times, she makes use of certain gadgets that Black Panther provides her with.


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