Sofia Murray

    Character » Sofia Murray appears in 23 issues.

    Sofia survived an attack by Le Fanu and later becomes Vampirella's side kick.

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    Sofia Murray is a goth girl living in Seattle, who happened to be a bystander during the fight between Vampirella and Le Fanu at a midnight club called Carmilla. Le Fanu used Sofia as a shield in an attempt to have Vampirella let her guard down, however Vampirella managed in defeating her, and thus Sofia became indebted to Vampirella for saving her life.

    Sofia often accompanies Vampirella in hunting down supernatural creatures and has proved to be more than resourceful by managing to save Vampirella from Dracula. Vampirella constantly cares for Sofia’s wellbeing and is often reluctant to have Sofia accompany her on her missions, despite Sofia’s stubbornness. It’s later revealed that Sofia had an abusive childhood which caused her to have low self esteem. Even her ex-boyfriend verbally abused her and cheated on her with her best friend. Despite her low self esteem, she has been coming out of her shell, which has much to do with Vampirella who has given her a new found purpose in life.


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