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Socks was once a normal everyday house cat. Then one day he got powers and became an Avatar for the Red, although his time as an Avatar was very uneventful, he mostly took naps. He later became a Totem of the Red, but eventually left the Red to help Maxine the current Avatar.


Socks was created by Animal Man writer Jeff Lemire.

Major Story Arcs

Animal Man: The Hunt

With the Rot raising from the Earth, threatening both the Red and the Green, Maxine Baker, the daughter of Animal Man, begins to develop her own powers, connecting to the Red. She and her father would soon travel to the heart of the Red, known as the Life Web, where they would meet the Parliament of Limbs, totems of the Red, much like the Parliament of Trees are to the Green. Here they meet a former avatar of the Red, a house cat named Socks (though he's taken up the name "Ignatius", Maxine likes "Socks" better). After Maxine fends off the Hunters Three, agents of the Rot, Socks agrees to follow both her and her father out of the Life Web so he can train Maxine in her powers of the Red in order to prepare her against the coming threat of the Rot.

Animal Man: Animal Vs Man

While the Baker family is on the run from the Rot, Socks is always right beside Maxine. When Buddy and Cliff head into town for supplies Socks shows his true colors by demanding Cat food, "and not the cheap dry stuff." Later that night when a bunch of possessed animals attack the RV, Socks tries to stop Maxine from going outside. When Maxine is seemingly killed, only to show up later with a new body, Socks is amazed that she has "evolved" so quickly. he then points out that the Rot is still coming and agrees that Buddy needs to try to stall them while the family can leave to find Alec Holland.

Animal Man: Extinction is Forever

While the Baker family is still on the run, minus Buddy. Socks tries to make Ellen understand that they need to find Alec Holland and the fate of life lies in Maxine's four year old hands.

Later when Cliff is missing, Socks tells Ellen that the Rot has taken him, Socks then transforms into a Cat-Beast and chases after the scent. He finds Cliff in the outskirts of La Junta, with one of the Hunters Three, disguised as Buddy. Socks tries to fight the Hunter but the Hunter is able to break Socks' arm first. Luckily the new and improved Buddy shows up and saves Cliff and Socks. The three then head back to the RV where Maxine scoops up a back to normal Socks who is still bleeding.

Animal Man Annual #1: Endless Rot

Sock tells Maxine the story of Jacob Mulin and Old Jack Crow, and how they fought back the Rot.



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