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    A Normal type pokemon.

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    Notable Snubbull

    Madame Muchmoney's Snubbull 
    Madame Muchmoney's snubbull first appeared in the episode 'Snubbell Snobbery', having a rich owner gave her the quirk of being engaged to another member of the same species, this snubbull was named Winthrop. However, because her owner was so rich, Snubbull became bored and unhappy because she was given a life of luxury, full of pampering and gourmet food, whereas a life of playing and eating 'non gourmet' food was a life she wanted. Eventually, Madame Muchmoney was brought to realise this by Ash and Brock, and so she made changed in her own life just to make her pokemon happy. Snubbul once again appeared in the episodes, 'Grin To Win', 'Tricks Of The Trade' and Tunnel Vision'. Where she was following around Team Rocket with the intent on biting down on Meowth's tail, which had become a sort of hobby and obsession for her. She then evolved in the episode 'The Trouble With Snubbull'.

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