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The demon Snowman was once an indian, living in the 19th century. As a boy out hunting with his father, the boy got attacked by a bear and lost his left leg. It never stopped him from hunting however.

As a married man, his wife bore him a daughter. One day, a white man came, talking of peace between the indian tribe and his group. His chief accepted the peace treaty. Two weeks after the treaty, his brother-in-law went hunting in the open plains. There his brother-in-law discovered that the treaty was a lie when one of the white men shot him dead. His wife's heart broke and he swore vengeance against the invaders.

Major Story Arcs


Two young men, Jim and Mick, disturb an Indian burrial ground by stealing a necklace with two yellow crystals. The theft makes Snowman rise up from his slumber. Going to the nearest town of Slivercreek, Colorado, Snowman kills several men. Jack McTiernan tries to kill it and gets help from a passerby, named Gwynn Fiala. They try to outrun Snowman, but everytime Snowman tracks them down. Jack is brutally maimed and even scalped by the Snowman. Snowman takes a liking to Gwynn, because she reminds him of his murdered wife. Gwynn dances seductively for the Snowman. This calms him down and he melts away.

Snowman: Dead and Dying

It is revealed that Snowman has been held at an FBI containment facility 25 miles southwest of Denver. But he has escaped and immediately wreaks havoc. To counter him, the government release their secret project named Frostbite. But they underestimate the Snowman's abilities who decimates Frostbite. Desperate, the government launches missiles at the Snowman. The impact blow the crystal out of Snowman's eye sockets, which dissolves the Snowman.

Powers & Abilities

The Snowman's abilities derive from two yellow crystals that form its eyes. Wherever the crystals are, the Snowman can form itself as soon as it comes into contact with snow.

Other Media

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Rendition Figures released Widow action figures, with several color variants, in 1998. All of them feature have 3 severed heads for Snowman to play with.

Known variants are:

  • blue (portrayed)
  • gold
  • white
  • silver
  • blue bloody (with red talons)

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