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Snowfall was a powerful telepath that was being held prisoner at Dovecote and forced to kill SHIELD agents. She was captured by Stephen Tuval also knowned as the Mind Master and was held prisoner at Dovecote citadel located in an isolated snowy mountain area. Nick Fury contacted Captain America and told him numerous SHIELD agents have been dying all through brain hemorrhages. Captain America and Nick Fury suspected telepathic murder but had no idea who the killer was. Suddenly Captain America was surrounded by snow and heard a female voice. A lady appeared calling herself Snowfall and that she was being held above a mountaintop in Dovecote and was being force against her will to use her powers to enslave and kill people. The girl vanished and Captain America was back at Nick Fury's office. Nick Fury provided Captain America all the information they had on Dovecote.

Captain America travelled alone to Dovecote and met resistance from the Hawk Riders. They were the defensive forces on Dovecote that utilize giant birds for transport and weapons. Captain America managed to get pass the Hawk Riders and reach the front gate of Dovecote citadel. He defeated an elite bodyguard named Widowmaker and entered the citadel. He managed to get through some telepathic mind traps and reach Stephen Tuval. Captain America asked where Snowfall was and Tuval told him she was inside that gold life-support coffin located in the middle of the room. The coffin apparently kept her alive and in a relatively short time, Snowfall achieved her full capacity and more. Suddenly Widowmaker appeared on a monitor and stated that Plan H has been initiated. Plan H was to evacuate all clients and blow Dovecote to pieces. Captain America opened the coffin to reveal a very young girl and not the same woman that was Snowfall. Her name was Ginny Snow and she told Captain America that she was sorry for lying about her age. Captain America grabbed Ginny and was able to escape the explosion. Captain America told Ginny that he was going to take her to place where she will never be locked up again. Ginny said she was more than a telepath and that she can alter the future. She told Captain America that the future was beautiful and that she could not disturb it. She froze Captain America's muscles and told him once I'm gone, I hope you understand and started to walk into the blowing snow until she faded away. The snow suddenly cleared and Captain America was free. He then saw Ginny's footprints in the snow until it stopped at a nearby ledge where she apparently ended her own life.   


Snowfall was created by Peter Gillis and Fred Kida in 1979 and first appeared in Captain America # 238.

Powers & Abilities

Snowfall was a telepath that had the ability to cause brain hemorrhages with her mind and create illusions. She is also clairvoyant and was able to see future places and events.

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