Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    Movie » Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs released on December 21, 1937.

    The eight animated feature film on record (the previous seven ones released between 1917 and 1937), the first American one and the first by Disney.

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    A textual prologue tells about Snow White living in a castle with her wicked stepmother, the Evil Queen. One day, she begins to fear that Snow White's beauty will be more powerful that hers. Because of that, the Queen has Snow White dressed as rags and asks the Magic Mirror, "Who's the fairest of them all"?. As long as the Mirror answers that the Queen is fairest, Snow White is safe from her stepmother's jealousy.

    In one day, when the Queen asks the Magic Mirror who is the fairest of them all, he answers Snow White, angering her.

    Meanwhile, Snow White is shown cleaning the castle when a prince comes and sings to her. Unknown to them, the Queen is watching this from her window and is jealous of it.

    The Queen orders her Huntsman to take Snow White in a forest to get flowers and kill her there. When the Huntsman refuses to do such command, the Queen angrily reminds him of the penalty he gets for failing her. She tells him that in order to make sure he doesn't fail, he will bring back Snow White's heart in a box.

    In a forest, the Huntsman prepares to kill Snow White, but refuses to do so, and tells her about the Queen is planning to kill her because of her jealousy. He tells her to hide in the forest as Snow White runs away. While running away, she fainted by the scary eyes. It is revealed to be the animals. They wake Snow White up and brings her to the dwarfs' cottage where she cleans up all the mess.

    By the time the dwarfs came back from working in a mine, they find their house is clean and that Snow White in a bed. They introduces themselves as Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey. When Snow White told them about the Queen is going to kill her, the dwarfs are terrified of her. Snow White says that the Queen wouldn't find her in the cottage, but Grumpy is not convinced because she uses black magic.

    Afterwards, Snow White prepares soup for the dwarfs, but tells them to wash their hands first. When Grumpy refuses, the dwarfs forcefully wash him and leave him when Snow White calls for them.

    Meanwhile, in the castle, the Queen asks the Magic Mirror who now is the fairest of them all and he answers that Snow White is still the fairest of them all. When the Queen brings a heart as evidence that she is dead, the Mirror is not fooled by it and tells her that she has the heart of a pig, leading the Queen to realize that she is tricked and goes to the dungeon below.

    Inside, the Queen prepares a potion to transform herself into an old peddler. After that, she reads about the Sleeping Death spell.

    For Snow White, she is dancing with the dwarfs in the night and they fall asleep.

    Meanwhile, the Queen is preparing her spell by putting an apple to the poison as it turns read to conceal the sign of poison. However, she is convinced that there might be an antidote. The Queen checks on the book to find the antidote for Sleeping Death and it is read that the antidote is love's first kiss. Upon seeing that, the Queen doesn't have to worry about that because once the dwarfs think Snow White is dead, she will be buried alive. The Queen goes to the forest.

    The next day, the dwarfs are off to work. Snow White kisses them one by one in the head. Grumpy warns her to not any strangers in the cottage.

    While Snow White is making pie, she is greeted by the Queen in disguise. While the two are talking, the animals realize that the peddler is the Queen as the vultures, sensing her death, follow her around. They attack her and Snow White shoos them away. After being rescued, the Queen fakes being sick and goes to the cottage.

    Now that Snow White doesn't believe them, the animals rush to a mine and try to warn the dwarfs.

    Meanwhile, the Queen tricks Snow White into thinking that the poison apple is a wishing apple. When asking her what is her wish, Snow White replies that she saw someone which the Queen thinks about the prince, whom she saw earlier singing to Snow White.

    The dwarfs are still struggling with the animals who try to warn them about the Queen. They are finally convinced when Sleepy confirms it and they race back to the cottage.

    However, Snow White eats the poison apple and she collapses. The Queen runs away as the dwarfs chases her through a cliff in a stormy night. She tries to kill them by dropping a boulder on them, but falls to her death when a lightning bolt strikes on her. The vultures go to her afterwards.

    The dwarfs are mourning for Snow White, including Grumpy.

    A text is shown that the dwarfs cannot find themselves in their hearts to bury Snow White alive. Because of that, they put her in a glass coffin instead.

    Just then, a prince came and kisses Snow White, reviving her. She says goodbye to the dwarfs as she leaves with the prince, earning her happy ending.



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