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    The best Sniper in the world who was in the group Foxhound as their sniper. She participated in the Shadow Moses Revlot, along with the Next Generation Special Forces.

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    Sniper Wolf is a child of war. Despite her fair features, she hails from the Kurdish area of Iraq where she was born in the middle of war between Kurdish freedom fighters and Saddam Hussein's soldiers. Sniper Wolf was constantly being hunted and never stayed in more than one place, leaving after only a few days. Every time she woke from her sleep, one of her friend of family was dead beside her and she prayed that she would make it through each day. The government in Iraq did nothing to help her or stop the fighting, which resulted in Wolf to despise and hate the political world. In 1988, during the AI- Anfal Campaign, Sniper Wolf witnessed the slaughter of her entire family by Saddam Hussein's chemical attack on her home town. Newly orphaned, she was taken in by Iraqi special forces and trained extensively in various combat techniques. It was obvious from the beginning that she was a born sharpshooter.

    Breaking from her Iraqi handlers, Sniper Wolf was soon taken under the wing of Big Boss, where her skills were further refined. After she departed from Big Boss she became a lone sniper so she would watch war from the outside rather than the inside. This eventually brought her to the notice of Liquid Snake, and she was quickly accepted into Foxhound so she could take her revenge upon the world.

    Shadow Moses Incident (2005)

    Sniper Wolf and other members of Foxhound grew angered by the way Foxhound followed every order the U.S Government gave them and decided to revolt. Along with the Genome Army, they managed to take over Shadow Moses' nuclear weapons facility. The group had planned to destroy the wolf- dogs that inhabited the area, but Wolf refused to let thinks happen due to he love for dogs. Hal Emmerich believed that Wolf was a caring person due to her love for dogs and he began to fall in love with her. However, Sniper Wolf did not feel the same way, but she did develop a friendship with him and even felt a degree of sympathy for him due to Hal being kept prisoner on the island. She let Hal feed the wolf- dogs whenever he wished and even gave him a handkerchief as a token of friendship.

    When Solid Snake and his friend Meryl Silverburgh were making their way through Shadow Moses, Sniper Wolf wounded Meryl in order to lure Snake out into the open. She managed to succeed, which resulted in Snake being captured. It is revealed that Sniper Wolf shared a sadistic obsession with Snake as she states that he would be all that she thinks about until she kills him. While in a prison cell, Hal Emmerich provides Snake with supplies to escape, which included the handkerchief Wolf gave him. After Snake escapes the cell and defeats Liquid Snake in the Hind- D, he encounters Sniper Wolf again. After a long battle, Sniper Wolf is bested by Snake.

    Lying in the snowfield, Sniper Wolf tells Snake of her past, how she was born and raised among war and how Big Boss helped her. She asked Snake if he was Big Boss, but he did not answer her. She explained to Snake that she had failed herself by joining Liquid Snake to take revenge on the world and refers to herself as 'nothing more than a dog'. Snake explains to her that she is not a dog as she is wild, untamed and solitary like a wolf. Sniper wolf explains that Meryl was never her real target and that she did not kill for pleasure and hated seeing women and children harmed. She asked Snake to kill her, explaining that she was not waiting to kill someone, but waiting for someone to kill her.

    Snake killed Sniper Wolf with a bullet from his gun to the head and placed her handkerchief over her face. Hal asked why he did this and Snake explained that he was just returning it to its rightful owner and that he had no more tears to shed.


    Besides her remarkable aim, Sniper Wolf's main asset is her ability to obsessively lock on to a target, thinking of nothing else until the victim has been dispatched. In such a state, Sniper can easily remain in wait for her victim for weeks, ignoring all physical discomfort and needs such as water and food. She also had an addiction to pills which stop muscle twitching.

    Sniper Wolf
    Sniper Wolf
    • Expert Sniping
    • Expert Tracking
    • Expert Unarmed Combat
    • Expert Markmanship
    • Expert Stealth

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