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How to dress appropriately for escaping guards..

The first arc of Snarked is done, so lets look at that finish, shall we?

The Writing

The writing is really good. I can see why Roger Langridge was given a Harvey Award (or any award for that matter), because he is amusing. His take on these Lewis Carrol characters is very interesting and has me going to the comic book store to get this series. He really makes these obscure Alice and Wonderland characters is own and makes a story which could be nice for any age. It is a wonderful heart-warming story and I look forward to reading more of it in the future.

The Art

When I heard Mr. Langridge was also going to do the art I was nervous. I mean, he is a talented artist (I had seen the covers of his muppet comics) and according to the reviews I had seen on the series he was also a good writer, but the combination of those two duties could be dangerous. I have read one series where a creator did the samething, but the story was really lousy. However, Roger Langridge is different. He created a wonderful story both in visually and plot wise. The Art is really good for this medium and is always a joy to look at. It really adds character to the...well...characters...

Carrol Cameos

One of the main Snark-ified Lewis Carrol characters of this issue is Bill the Lizard. In the original book of Alice and Wonderland, Bill was the one who went to investagate the White Rabbit's home when Alice had grown humongously. Roger Langridge's version of the character is amusing, though it does bring up some questions (such as why he has dresses in his basement...). I hope we get to see him more, because it would be nice to flush out the character's story a bit. We also saw the return of the White knight and another carrol cameo character, which was nice.


This is a pretty good series. I probably enjoy this because I know these obscure Alice and Wonderland characters relatively well, but even if I didn't I would probably still enjoy this series. I love this series because it is unique. I mean, although most of the characters are from Carrol's book, these are not the same characters. Perhaps its just me, but its like every series I see is just familar characters presented in familar ways. There is nothing wrong with that of course (I love Nightwing, Flash and others), but its very cool to see something new; something unique in the Comic universe and with Snarked I think Roger Langridge has done that. This is a series directed to not only children, but also adults. It is not like Walking Dead or stuff like that, but it is a nice light hearted story to let your inner child free.

yep, definitely NOT ungrotesque!
yep, definitely NOT ungrotesque!


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