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Dollars to Dodos

Welcome to the issue of Snarked (4th if you count the number of issues I've reviewed in this series)


In this issue, we are introduced to another "Snark-ified" Carroll Character named the Bellman. His story is probably the most similar to his original appearence. He had originally gone to a place called "Snark Island" with the rest of the Bellman Expedition and while he did not actully see a Snark he is still crazy because of that adventure. This character and his gang seem to be wonderful additions to Princess Scarlet(who is actully now Queen Scarlet)'s team. I really look forward to seeing more of these characters and maybe even learn more about them (and for me to add them to the site). Surpisingly, when I look back #0, they were present in the series which really shows how much Roger Langridge looks ahead when creating this comic.

The King's Evil Advisers

I realize I haven't talked at all about the main villains of this series the king's evil advicers. Madame Hecate, Count Osbert and Lord Kazmar are creepy but are actually entertaining. In this issue, we actully get to see them without the presence of our progagonists which is fun so they can plot out their evil scheme. Scenes like this make me like (or like to hate) the villains more. I hope we continue to see these three people even when the characters set sail in search of the Red King.

Carrol Cameos

In addition to the Bellman and his expedition, we see a few references to Carrol's stories. For example, there is a king of cereal named "eat me" and later we see a jar labeled "drink me" both references to Alice's experiments with mysterious size-manipulating substances. One thing I have noticed that Langridge does in his art is that he includes cameos of the original illustrations from Carrol's book. While I have not been able to figure out where these pictures are from specifically in regards to Alice's story, it is nice to see them in background. Its a nice tribute to what has come before. Oh, speaking of what has come before, one last cameo I want to mention is a bar named the Rabbit Hole. Just cute.


This is a great series. I love to see the variety which this series brings to my pull-list and I look forward to reading more adventures of the Walrus and the Carpenter.

Dollars to Dodos...I think I'm going to use that expression...
Dollars to Dodos...I think I'm going to use that expression...

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