Character » Snarf appears in 95 issues.

    Snarf was Lion-O's nursemaid on Thundera.

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    Snarf, whose real name is Osbert, is a catlike creature that acts as a nursemaid and chamberlain for Lion-o, Lord of the Thundercats.   The term snarf refers to his race, but the characters call him that as a nickname as well.  


    Snarfs are often red, orange, and yellow with white underbellies.   They also have a tail that acts like a cross between a kangaroo and a monkey tail.   It is thick and muscular and can support the snarf’s weight to hold it up.   It can also be used as an extra appendage to hold and manipulate objects with.


    “Osbert” Snarf is the main snarf featured in the show and comics.   His nephew Snarfer is another snarf who works with the “new” Thundercats at the Tower of Omens.   Finally, Snarf Oswald and Snarf Eggbert are two snarfs who escaped the destruction of Thundera and often communicate with the Thundercats about New Thundera.  


    Snarf is often the character that is no captured or left to save the group.   He is often used as a device to show that even the smallest, weakest member can accomplish great things when he puts his mind to it.  


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