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    Snare is a super powered warrior and an original member of the Next Wave.

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    The mercenary known as Snare.
    The mercenary known as Snare.
    Snare is an original member of Next Wave which is a trio of mercenaries that was employed by Penner Security Associates which was a respected, privately run security agency. The leader of Next Wave named Agent X wanted more control of the missions and a bigger cut of the profit since they were the most popular operatives. Mr. Penner told Agent X that he could not meet their demands and would survive the loss. Agent X and his two partners, Turk and Snare decided to go independent. The trio felt disrespected and attacked the Penner compound. Turk killed an innocent woman during his violent rampage which caught the attention of Ghost Rider. Snare trapped Ghost Rider in a net but was cut free by Wolverine and the Beast. The two X-Men were following Ghost Rider since their encounter with the Brood in New Orleans a few days earlier and Wolverine wanted to make sure Ghost Rider was completely rid of the Brood infection. Agent X blasted Wolverine and Beast which begun a three on three brawl. Turk ended up blasting Ghost Rider into pieces and the rest of Next Wave concentrated on the two mutants. Ghost Rider resurrected himself during the fight and gave his penance stare to all the Next Wave members who experience the pain of a living death.   


    Snare was created by Howard Mackie and Andy Kubert in 1992 and first appeared in Ghost Rider # 29. 

    Story Arcs

    The trio of mercenaries would reappear sometime later in New York's Chinatown as they try to seek refuge from their unseen pursuers. A huge firefight occurs on the streets of Chinatown and this also attracts the attention of the police and Ghost Rider. Turk activates a bomb as they try to escape from Ghost Rider and the Spirit of Vengeance is caught in a huge explosion. The members of Next Wave hide out in a run-down hotel in Mid-Town Manhattan when they receive a call from their former employer named Frederick Penner. Penner informs them they are to be terminated for disrespecting him and his team he calls the Posse are the ones pursuing them. A brawl breaks out between the Next Wave and the Posse and caught in the middle are Ghost Rider and Wolverine. Ghost Rider captured all three members of Next Wave and they received the penance stare.       


    Snare is a highly trained mercenary and a great marksman with various firearms.  
    Snare employs various firearms including automatic rifles and pistols but one of his primary weapons is his omnium laced net which is very hard to break or cut. Snare also uses cables to detain and capture his enemies. The cables may be laced with some type of adhesive because it tends to stick to someone's body like glue.

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