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    Lucas "Snapper" Carr has been an honorary member of the Justice League of America since its inception.

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    Lucas Carr was nicknamed "Snapper" for his habit of snapping his fingers when happy. A student at Happy Harbor High, Snapper had just finished spreading lime on the family lawn when all the inhabitants of the town came under the mental control of one of Starro the Conqueror's deputies - except Snapper.

    The Flash ( Barry Allen) arrived and defeated the Starro deputy and discovered Snapper's immunity to its powers. Barry took Snapper with him to meet the rest of the Justice League, where Hal (Green Lantern) Jordan used his power ring to discover that the teenager's hands were covered in lime. Aquaman pointed out that oystermen use lime to kill starfish which prey on oysters. Green Lantern then used lime to coat Starro and destroy him. Snapper was made an honorary JLA member for his help in defeating Starro.

    For the next few years, Snapper became known as the JLA's mascot. He often sat out the JLA's adventures, recording them in a book at a later time. He occasionally did help the League during their cases, once he becoming the " Joker" to help the team overcome the Royal Flush Gang.

    Shortly after however the Joker tricked Snapper into revealing the League's secret hideout, posing as John Dough, the world's most average man, the Joker preached that those who were different (such as super heroes) were dangerous. Deluded by this, Snapper disclosed the whereabouts of the JLA's headquarters to The Joker, and that ended Snapper's membership of the League. The Joker reveals that he manipulated Snapper because he wanted to destroy yet another relationship Batman had with a younger male crime fighter.

    Some time later, a villain called Anakronus invaded the Carr home and threatened to kill them unless the JLA gave him the money they were raising on a charity telethon. Snapper talked to Green Lantern by phone and got the League to stop the lunatic. Although he still had his JLA signal device, Snapper hadn't used it and didn't feel he still had the right to do so.

    Snapper left Happy Harbour for graduate school, but everywhere he went, he was dogged with the "mascot" tag he had earned with the JLA. Eventually wandering the streets, Snapper encountered the Key who had once used mind control on him. Desperate, Snapper went along with the Key's proposition that they team as the villainous Star Tsar. The JLA defeated them and proved that they had both been used as pawns by the real Star Tsar, who was actually a supposed hero named the Privateer. Snapper would help the league once more, against Thorak. He would turn the JLA into giants; he and Superman helped return them to normal.The JLA then helped Snapper to get a job with STAR Labs and he dropped the nickname, becoming known thereafter as Lucas or Luke.

    Carr was later among many humans captured by the alien Dominators during the Invasion. The Dominators have captured them to discover how prevalent the "metagene" is in the human species. 50 humans were lined up and blasted by the Dominators guns. With only six humans surviving, including Snapper Carr,who gains the ability to teleport by snapping his fingers.

    Snapper and the other five are freed after the Dominators are driven from the earth. The new team, calling themselves the Blasters, have nominated Snapper as their leader,with them shortly after traveling with the Omega Men for awhile. He loses his powers temporarily driving him to insanity. He may have lost his powers due to keeping his eyes open during transport where he saw an eternity pass in blink of an eye. A green furred cat woman named Churljenkins helps him with his insanity: and a short short romance ensues. He is separated from his team once again, and has his hands severed by the Khunds. L.E.G.I.O.N later rescues him, restoring his hands, and returning him to Earth,however Snapper is left unsure of the location of the other Blasters.


    Snapper Carr and the third Hourman
    Snapper Carr and the third Hourman

    Snapper returned to Happy Harbor, where he married and divorced his best friend Bethany Lee. While in Happy Harbor, Snapper was approached by the android Hourman when he came to Happy Harbor to try to find his humanity. Hourman, Snapper, and Bethany went on a number of adventures. Alongside Hourman, Snapper has faced multiple temporal versions of Amazo, the Lord of Time, the JLAndroids, demons during the Day of Judgment crossover, Dr. Togg and his Gombezis, and the Undersoul and his Snatchers.

    Much like his days with the Justice League, Snapper helped Hourman understand what it meant to help humanity. He served as Hourman’s conscience. Snapper also watched over Hourman, confronting the Justice Society when he felt they were a bad influence on Hourman. In turn, Hourman helped Snapper get over the larger disappointments of his past life, including his betrayal of the Justice League and the Blasters. Also during this time, Snapper wrote a book about his exploits.

    In the end, Hourman left the 20th century to return to his home in the 853rd century. Snapper and Bethany, and all their friends from the Mad Yak Café, saw him off. Snapper Carr was also a member of Young Justice for a time until the team split up and formed the new Teen Titans. Snapper Carr was a valued member in Young Justice and ended up helping them as well as the JLA.

    Final Crisis

    Snapper is later seen listening to Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman through communication and tracking equipment. When Batman discovers him, they find out that he has been deep under cover for Checkmate but allows him to continue due to his favorable opinion of Earth's heroes. During the Final Crisis event he is shown as low level pawn with Checkmate. He is sent on sabotage missions and looking for any unaffected people free of the Anti-Life Equation, he finds Cheetah uninfected and during a moment of passion to two have sex. They are found shortly after by a possessed Gorilla Grodd who attempts to kill them before Snapper transports Cheetah and himself back to the base where Mr. Terrific is still leading the last remaining resistance. Darkseid's long term plans finally eliminate Snapper's ability to teleport. The remaining OMAC units are activated; with Cheetah, Snapper, and Mr. Terrific beginning their counter attack.

    Alternate Versions

    On Flashpoint Beyond, Snapper Carr is the owner of the H-Dial. He joins the forces of Super-Man in his tropical Fortress of Solitude.

    On Tales of Earth 6, Snapper Carr is the hipster shady managment crisis agent who take as challeng recover the reputation of the Justice League.

    Other Media

    Snapper Carr appeared in several Justice League and Justice League Unlimited episodes. He was a television reporter, and was voiced by Jason Marsden.

    Snapper Carr appears in the Young Justice episodes "Welcome to Happy Harbor" and "Targets" voiced by Greg Weisman. He is a shown to be a teacher at the school Superboy & Miss Martian attend.


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