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Snake is a member of China Force which is a team of super agents based on the Chinese zodiac. At one point they had twelve agents representing each animal from the Chinese zodiac but majority defected or were killed. The only four operatives remaining were Rat, Ox, Rabbit and Snake. The Chinese government would send China Force to Ottawa so they could bring back home a former operative named Dei Guan aka Jade Dragon because they believed he was a traitor and defected from their homeland. China Force would kill Dei Guan's escorts and subdue Jade Dragon after Rat renders him powerless with her claws laced with an inhibitor drug. China Force hoped that Dei Guan would be found guilty as a traitor and killed so a message would be sent to several members that defected which included Horse, Monkey and the Dog. They would board a plane headed back to their ship in Anchorage when they are placed under the spell of the Dreamqueen when China Force entered her sphere of influence. The Dreamqueen altered the perception of the China Force members so they believed they were back home in China and she used them as pawns to attack her most hated foes, Alpha Flight. China Force would come into conflict with Alpha Flight when they believed they were being invaded by the Canadian heroes. Snake would engage with Vindicator when she tries to help Sasquatch in battle. Vindicator cannot escape from Snake's grip until she flies into a pool of water and Snake is forced to let go. China Force puts up a valiant fight but they are overpowered and outclassed. Laura Dean would open a warp gate to China and Shaman uses a wind spell to send Snake and the rest of China Force back home.


Snake was created by Bill Mantlo and Jim Lee in 1988 and first appeared in Alpha Flight # 64.

Story Arcs

Snake and the rest of China Force would reappear later and come into conflict with a group of Chinese rebels called 3 Peace which consisted of Jade Dragon, Nuwa and the Collective Man. 3 Peace would join forces with the Mutant Liberation Front when they offered to help free the mutants that were being detained by the Chinese Government. China Force would come into conflict with both teams when they infiltrated a facility that was being used to search for mutants within the borders of China. Snake comes after Nuwa when his entire body gets stretched out by numerous duplicates of the Collective Man. Rabbit is killed during that battle but Snake, Ox and Rat continue to serve as a member of China Force.

Powers & Abilities

Snake was given artificially enhanced powers and has the ability to stretch and elongate his body to superhuman levels. Snake is formidable in hand-to-hand combat and uses his stretching ability to squeeze his opponents into submission.


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