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    Whiplash was a member of the Femme Fatales and the Femizons.

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    Leeanne Foreman was born in Wilmington, Delaware. She was a mutant with unraveled abilities and she used adamantium wires which were connected to her gloves as whips. She was part of Critical Mass' Band of Baddies. The Baddies forced the mutant's daughter to knock out the Spider-Man and Wolverine, but they quickly recovered. The daughter than unleashed her powers, blew up the warehouse they were in, and defeated all of the Baddies.


    Snake Whip first appeared in the pages of Marvel Comics published series Marvel Comics Presents # 49.

    Major Story Arcs

    Femme Fatales

    Smash the spider
    Smash the spider

    She was later joined in Femme Fatales, and she was hired by the Chameleon to threaten an ambassador. Spider-Man intervened and saved the ambassador, making an enemy with the Femme Fatales. They then joined forces with the Scorpion and the Tarantula, but all of them were defeated by Spider-Man and the Black Cat.

    The Femme Fatales later received an invitation to join Superia and her organization of female criminals, the Femizons. They accepted, and battled Captain America and the Paladin in the process.

    Heroes for Hire

    After the group disbanded, Whiplash teamed up with Orka, Shockwave and Killer Shrike in a plot to take over the retired aircraft carrier, the U.S. Intrepid, planning to use it to extort money from the city of New York, or from the US Government. She and her allies were defeated by Heroes for Hire. She was later seen in "Bar With No Name" attending the auction in which the Venom Symbiote was sold.

    Whiplash was possibly de-powered after the events of M-Day.

    Personal Data


    • Real Name: Leeanne Foreman
    • Legal status: American citizen with a criminal record
    • Occupation: Mercenary
    • Marital status: Single
    • Known relatives: Unknown
    • Base of operations: Various
    • Group affiliation: Femme Fatales, former member of Femizons, former member of Band of Baddies


    • Height: 5'10"
    • Weight: 142 lbs
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Blond, formerly died red

    Powers and Abilities

    Snake Whip is a mutant with undisclosed abilities. although her reaction time, aim, agility, physical resistance, and strength seemed to have been above human.

    Weapons and Paraphernalia

    Whip Snake utilizes wrist mounted cables which retract and extend up to a maximum of 25 ' with sharp adamantium tipped barbs.


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