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    ComStat did a psychosearch on him. Used a database of 5 million sociopathic personalities. He hit the bottom of the curve.

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    Snake is considered a war criminal, he's the one who dares to stand against the System. But what can one man do? The lone wolf, a man with a strong character and specific sense of humor, he became a legend, a myth. Some even thought he was dead or in prison for life, but Snake had a talent to escape from even the worst disaster.

    He is a former U.S. Army lieutenant, he was Special Forces, part of Black Light Squadron, awarded two Purple Hearts, and the youngest soldier to be decorated the Congressional Medal of Honor by the President for bravery during World War III against the USSR. He turned to a life of crime shortly after, aiming at federal targets. It was thought to be because of the betrayal of the government during the Leningrad Ruse. Snake had partners; Harold Hellman a.k.a Brain, and Fresno Bob. In Kansas City, Hellman let Plissken and Fresno get cornered by the police, who brutally beat and tortured Frenso Bob and Plissken.

    Escape from New York

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    In 1997 he was arrested and was sentenced to life in the New York City maximum security prison. However, when the President falls into peril, only one man can save him: Snake Plissken. USPF Commissioner Bob Hauk offers Snake a full pardon for everything he has done if he agrees to rescue the President and collect a cassette tape carried with him, which of course carries information on nuclear fusion... or so it seemed. Snake accepts and they put two microscopic explosive charges into his neck as insurance. Snake had twenty-three hours to get the President before the charges killed him. He succeeded with the help of Harold Hellman, Brain's helper Maggie, and a taxi driver named Cabbie.

    Escape from L.A.

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    Sixteen years later, Snake was apprehended in Cleveland, and subsequently coerced by the new President of the United States to recover a disc stolen by his daughter, Utopia. One of the officers of the nationwide United States Police Force secretly injects Plissken with the Pluotoxin 7 virus; after the anti-hero declines to complete the mission in exchange for a pardon of his 27 moral crimes, the President promises that Plissken will be dead in ten hours if he fails to recover the black box from Air Force 3, which she hijacked and landed on the island of Los Angeles. Inside the box, is a disc for a remote control for satellites orbiting the Earth.

    When activated, the satellites generate a widespread electromagnetic pulse, capable of disrupting all technology within specific target areas, or in concert, across the world. The device fell into the hands of a revolutionary named Cuervo Jones, who had seduced Utopia in the wake of her sister's suicide. Snake retrieved the device from Jones, saving the girl as well, and returned it to the President.

    However, the President reveals that the virus in Plissken's bloodstream is a sham, and then attempts to have his daughter executed, as well as Plissken. Snake eludes death and reveals he is in possession of the real remote, and then enters the code to cause the satellites to plunge the Earth into the dark ages.


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