Snake Marston

    Character » Snake Marston appears in 23 issues.

    A former member of the Satan Squad, and a current member of the Enforcers.

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    Snake Marston was known as one of the world's greatest contortionist until he is recruited by Baron Brimstone to become one of his lieutenants in his Satan Squad. A former world class strong-man and professional boxer named Hammer Harrison is also recruited into the group and the trio planned to hold dominion over the criminal underworld. Brimstone and his Satan Squad meet a man named Duke Dawson in a musty warehouse. Dawson and his men wanted the Satan Squad to prove their toughness before agreeing to work with them. Snake Marston and Hammer Harrison easily dispatch some men with their unique talents. Brimstone offers them a choice to join them and grow rich or refuse and suffer damnation eternal.  
    Brimstone's newly formed Satan Squad launches a number of highly specialized hijackings. Days later, Hammer Harrison and Snake Marston kidnap Pamela Quinn when Duke Dawson attempts to reveal information to her on Brimstone's next job. Machine Man finds out that Brimstone and his gang attempt to steal a solid gold bell from the Cathedral of St. Gabriella of the Highlands which would be used for shielding purposes from a powerful microwave transmitter they stole called the Sol-Mac. Snake Marston attempts to put the squeeze on Machine Man during their first encounter but Machine Man spins his upper body at an accelerated rate and tosses the contortionist into the gold bell. Machine Man eventually defeats Baron Brimstone and the rest of the Satan Squad are placed into police custody. 


    Snake Marston was created by Tom DeFalco and Steve Ditko in 1980 and first appeared in Machine Man # 16.   

    Story Arcs

    The Arranger would form the new Enforcers which consisted of Snake Marston, Hammer Harrison, Fancy Dan, Ox and Montana to manage the Kingpin's Brooklyn extortion operation. The Enforcers would come into conflict with Spider Man and the Sandman after they shakedown his friend, Mr. Cassada because he refused to give them any money. The Enforcers would gang up on Spider Man and take him down after a brutal fight. Sandman would find Marston and the rest of the Enforcers inside an abandoned storage warehouse. Spider Man breaks free from his chains and kicks Hammer Harrison into Snake Marston and they both crash into some wooden crates. Marston and the rest of the Enforcers are defeated by the combined might of Spider Man and the Sandman.  

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