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    Three chemical thieves who were fused into one after stealing one of Batman's vehicles, and trying to shoot Damian Wayne off the roof from inside the pressurized cabin, causing a chemical explosion, merging the three men together.

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    Ronnie, Reggie and Robbie were three hired goons, along with some other unnamed thugs, who tried to rob Gotham University's Research Reactor and steal several hundred fuel rods and radioactive material. The caper was busted up by Batman and Robin. Robert has set up a back-up plan for him and his brothers to escape, which involved an explosion that forces Batman to deal with instead of stopping their getaway. In the sewer tunnel the three brothers are using for their escape they find the Bat-Ball- Sewer-Vehicle. They try to use it to make their escape but Robin stops them. The Bat-Ball explodes and the three brother seem to have been killed.

    They later make a reappearance as Smush, and they are looking for revenge.


    Smush was created by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason for their run on Batman and Robin.

    Major Story Arcs

    Born to Kill

    For more information see: Born to Kill

    Ronnie, Reggie and Robbie try to rob Gotham University but are stopped by Robin. While trying to get away they are caught in an explosion that combines their three bodies into one.


    Smush has been enlisted into Terminus's army of revenge along with Bootface, Scallop, Bat Head and several others that blame the Batman for there current conditions. After the initial meeting, where its revealed that each member had been working for Terminus for some time but never knew it, the army is sent out to spread fear. Their mission is to brand as many people withe the Batman's logo before the sun comes up. Smush is part of the team that tries to take the hospital, but they are stopped by James Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department. Later when the Batfamily shows up to stop Terminus, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake all work together to take down Smush. Damian, is the one that finally knocks Smush out with electricity. It assumed after the battle Smush is take off to jail with the rest of Terminus's defeated army.


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