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    Smurfs are small blue fictional creatures which are known to occasionally live in mushrooms. The Smurfs were first introduced in 1958 by Belgian comics artist (Pierre Culliford) in 1958.

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     The First Smurf Drawing
    The First Smurf Drawing

    In the beginning, The Smurfs, or Les Schtroumpfs as they are called in the original, first appeared in Le Journal de Spirou October 23rd 1958.

    They made their first appearance in a story of Johan and Peewit called 'La Flûte à six trous'. The creator of the Smurfs, Pierre Culliford better known as Peyo, had worked on numerous of artistic drawings of the Smurfs, he also took many drawing jobs before creating the Smurfs. However, when he introduced his little blue friends in Spirou, that is what jump started his writing/art career and also the Smurfs. Originally, The Smurfs were just secondary cartoon/comic characters, but when they stared in their own music albums; that eventually lead to them becoming worldwide famous and the release of the film "The Smurfs and the Magic Flute" appeared. Today, the Smurfs are one of the most famous and lovable comedic cartoon characters today.

    Who the Smurfs Are?

    The Smurfs storylines (in comics or television) are all about adventure and helping one another. The characters look and act almost all alike however have different characteristics. Mostly all Smurfs are male (except one, whom is Smurfette), Smurfs aren't the tallest bunch of people around they are only three feet tall, they've got blue-skin and white trousers, and usually carry around special items that displays certain characteristics. Example,

    Hefty Smurf carries a dumbbell which shows that he is the strongest of the Smurfs. Smurfs can run, walk, and jump but prefer to skip, since they say it makes them travel faster, they love Smurf berries (which only appears in the Television series, in the comics they eat something totally different) and Smurfs are never seen without their white caps on their head. So Smurfs are technically all bald.

    Most Smurfs are older than 100 years.

    Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Baby, Nanny and Grandpa are all over the age of 100. Originally, (in the beginning of their creation), there was only 99 Smurfs, however when Sassette and Nanny appeared in comics and television, the numbers of the Smurfs greatly increased! The only two Smurfs that look just like Smurfs are, Smurfette and Sassette. They were created by Gargamel to be the minions of evil, and spy on the other Smurfs. However, with help, Smurfette and Sassette broke the control over them with the help of Papa Smurf and company.

    Smurf Language

    All Smurfs replace verbs and nouns with the word "Smurf". Using the word "Smurf" in comics and in television made their conversations sound really funny, however hard to understand. When using the word "Smurf" in a verb it simply means to make, to be, to do, or to laugh. When using this language, Smurfs easily can communicate and understand one another. During the adventures with Johan and Peewit, Peewit explained to humans that the Smurf language is truly unique. A smurf might say one thing, example, going to the lake, however when saying "I'll be Smurfing to the Smurf" it could mean something totally different.

    Smurf Village

    In 1958, the Smurfs original home was a mucky swamp. Which could only be entered using two things. Magic or going through the long and dangerous path. Eventually, during the 1980's the Smurfs got a kinder village which had them living in mushrooms instead of trees. It is really impossible to find the Smurf village. It is hidden greatly, using trees, alternate paths, and magic. An outsider who wants to enter the small village will and probably cannot find the Smurf village without a Smurf guiding them.

    Smurf'd The Media

     A smurf as it appeared in 1965 and 1975 movies
    A smurf as it appeared in 1965 and 1975 movies

    The Smurfs have appeared in numerous shows all throughout their creation in late 1958. In 1965, a black-and-white Smurf movie was was released in Belgium. German and Dutch copies of the film are known to have been released after the movie was dropped out of theaters. The 1965 movie was based off of two essential Smurf stories, The Black Smurfs and the Smurfs and the Egg. Those were two stories that were released, near the creation of the Smurfs. Other films were released in 1967, but yet again they were released without the English language, or with English subtitles.


    Soon after the release of the 1975 Smurf movie, cartoonist, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, creators of Hanna-Barbera, gained permission from Peyo to create a Smurfs television show. This time coming to America, the Smurfs were first introduced to English television. The Smurfs show came on NBC in 1981 and appeared on Saturday Mornings. The show lasted for nine seasons, lasting from 1981 to 1989, however during those 8 years that the Smurfs aired on America television they became pop culture of their time.


    The Smurfs

    In 2010, Sony Pictures Animated and Columbia Pictures released word that a new Smurf movie was "actually" going to be released. There has been great speculation about a Smurf Movie in 2003 and 2008, however due to poor planing and no one seeing great interest in a Smurf movie, the movie was called off. However, now Smurfs will return on Screen in 2011 as CGI (Computer Generated Image) Smurfs. The plot is about the Smurfs leaving their "fictional" world and entering our "real" world. It will have many famed actors and actress's in this movie.

    Smurfs 2

    With the success of Sony Pictures Animated and Columbia Pictures "The Smurfs", the production companies began working on a sequel set to release on July 31st, 2013.


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