Character » Smuggler appears in 46 issues.

    Conrad was the youngest of his brothers. Later is older brother Eric became a villian after coming out of the army. Now Conrad lives in pain for the rest of his life because of his brother.

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    After his brother, Atlas had become a villain things all went downhill for the Josten family. All of his brothers crimes had destroyed his family. So Conrad ran away from home. 

    Mayor Story Arcs

    The Redeemers

    That's when Henry Peter Gyrich found him and asked him to be apart of a hero team, the Redeemers. Conrads brother had reformed to a hero later. His brother asked Conrad to be on the team and that he was good now. So Conrad agreed to this. So they gave him a suit that would allow him to access the Darkforce Dimension. So now Gyrich wanted to control the mutant population or eliminate it. Starting with the Thunderbolts. Thats when he hired Nomad to go and take down the team. He was eventually defeated. Now apart of the Thunderbolts they were controlled by Gyrich. But, with the help of the Thunderbolts they were freed from the control. So they disbanded but, then created a team called the Redeemers. The Redeemers took the place were the Thunderbolts were. They were trained by Captain America himself. After a battle with Graviton Conrad was thought to be dead like all the others. After that it turned out he was alive. He then joined the Thunderbolts as the Smuggler.


    Conrad can teleport into the Darkforce Dimension. He also can elongate his limbs on command.


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