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Very little is known about the origin of Smokey. He was a member of the Crossed spotted by a survivor named Alan and was given the nickname due to his weapon of choice, a fireman's axe, and the fireman's jacket he wore -- it is unknown if he was a fireman before he was turned or if he simply took the items from one of his deceased targets.


Smokey was created by Christos N. Gage and first appeared in Crossed Badlands #29.

Major Story Arcs

Rise of Smokey

Smokey is first seen (and named) when a survivor by the name of Alan is observing several crossed from inside a safe-house. While watching him Alan notes that Smokey is a unique member of the Crossed, he is able to command their respect, gets bored/tired of killing/violence when the target can no longer feel anything, and has a greater ability to solve problems than the other Crossed.

Eventually, due to another survivor's misstep, Smokey discovers Alan. This leads to Alan begging Smokey to spare him, promising him that he'll lead him and the other Crossed to more survivors, a deal that Smokey accepts. This "deal" results in all of Alan's fellow survivors being killed by Smokey who continues to let Alan live as long as he leads them to more survivors.

With Alan's help, acting as a Judas to humankind, Smokey and his group of Crossed are able to take down several large human outposts -- even bringing down a group of armed Military forces. Smokey's group winds up responsible for the deaths of approximately 200 survivors according to Alan's calculations; and that's only counting the humans he killed, as Smokey's group fights other members of the Crossed as a way of displaying their dominance, thus increasing the size of Smokey's army.

Alan then leads the group to Cheyenne Mountain where he believed there were strong enough government forces to kill Smokey and his army. Alan was wrong, and Smokey's army begins to overthrow the outpost. In an attempt to kill Smokey as his final act, Alan begins blowing the place up. This plan fails and Smokey catches Alan, turning him into a Crossed and then killing him before leaving the compound.

His entire army lost due to the conflict inside the bunker, Smokey continues on. His next goal; locate the rumored intelligent Crossed in the Florida Keys, the twin sisters.

The Lesser of Two Evils

Smokey appears to have found a new group of which he takes command of and begins terrorizing a group of survivors who have made their base at the top of a high rise bridge. He appears less intelligent (verbally) than before but is still as persistent and domineering as he was with the last group. With him are other seemingly intelligent members of the Crossed; one being the Surgeon, a female doctor who fixes the wounds of other Crossed, and an unnamed member who has the mentality of a businessman.

With this group Smokey stakes out the survivors on the bridge and traps them there, waiting them out until his group eventually overwhelms them and kills them all. From that point he continues moving forward.

Smokey's Utopia

Having left the high-rise he arrives outside of an underground bunker near the outskirts of Dallas, Texas. Those inside the bunker assume he's just as dumb as the other Crossed; however, he proves them wrong when he vandalizes their air filtration units forcing them either to leave the bunker or suffocate inside. The group tries to escape the bunker but Smokey's group is too large and his tactical mind (more advanced than the regular Crossed) make them a highly effective killing unit.

Similar to his first encounter with a survival group Smokey keeps one of the survivors alive, a doomsday prepper and survivalist named Cody. Enlisting Cody to fill the same role that Alan once performed, Smokey begins to hunt down other groups of survivalists; however, this time he has a vision, he wants to rebuild society. The plan works, initially, up to the point where Cody decides he wants to kill Smokey. Cody's plan fails, he gets killed by Smokey, and Smokey moves on, something he's used to ever since his first companion, Alan, tried to betray him.

A long search eventually leads Smokey to the twin sisters he heard about long ago from Alan. Due to their intelligence he believes that if they reproduce with him that they can create more intelligent children. Unfortunately for Smokey the sisters take joy in tormenting him, and, after they produce their first child, he learns that the intelligence is not passed on. Despite this Smokey sticks around with the sisters, constantly trying to convince them to take his idea of a Crossed society more seriously. Though the sisters never take to his idea Smokey doesn't give up hope.

Smokey is then, eventually, attacked by the Sisters and his offspring, getting shot multiple times and falling into a fast moving river current. Believing him to be dead the group moves on; however, Smokey had survived the attack and he emerges from the water.

It is unknown what Smokey's fate is after this incident, as he walks off into the sunset, alone. It is very likely that he has given up on his idea of an intelligent Crossed society; having had several failed attempts at creating one, or perhaps, he wanders off in search of new intelligent Crossed; those he heard rumors of in Canada and England.

Powers & Abilities

  • Intelligence - Smokey is more intelligent than the normal members of the Crossed. He displays this through advanced combat tactics, strong tracking skills, and the attempts at creating Crossed societies. He also has a more comprehensible speaking pattern than other members of the Crossed.
  • Super Strength - Smokey appears to be far stronger than other members of the Crossed, displaying the ability to single-handily take down large groups of foes.
  • Enhanced Durability - Smokey appears to be more durable than other members of the Crossed. He survives being shot multiple times and also travels through raging flames without any noticeable damage.
  • Weapon Proficiency - Smokey uses his trademark Fireman's axe in combat. He is so skilled with the axe that a survivor commented that the axe simply seemed to be an extension of his being.


Smokey is known for wearing a black and yellow fireman's jacket and wields a fireman's axe in combat.


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