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    Smoke appears as a hidden assassin of Shao Kahn in Malibu Comics series Battlewave. Smoke is greatly different from his game's counterpart mortal kombat.

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    Smoke was originally a boy from Prague. He was abducted by an obscure cult who sacrificed him to a demon by burning him alive. He became an Enenra, a being made of smoke and killed his murderers, however he lost his memories and was eventually discovered by the Lin Kuei.

    Smoke is the younger Sub-Zero's best friend and fellow Lin Kuei member. After the Elder Sub-Zero failed his mission to assassinate Shang Tsung, Smoke accompanied the younger Sub-Zero to Outworld to complete the task. When the two warriors returned to warn their clan of Shao Kahn's invasion, they discovered that the clan had started automating it's members. The two fled, but Smoke, lagging behind, attempted to slow their pursuers so that Sub-Zero could escape. He was turned into a cyborg and programmed to kill the "traitorous" Sub-Zero.

    Smoke found and attacked Sub-Zero, but Sub-Zero whom was able to release Smoke from his programming and they discovered that he is one of Raiden's chosen warriors and thus retains his soul. He'd however be captured during battle and brought back, inoperative, as a trophy for Shao Kahn.

    After Shao Kahn's apparent death, Noob Saibot found him and reactivated him, but first reprogrammed him to be his trusted servant, using him to help overthrow the netherealm and achieve god-like power.

    The series reboot, MK9, features an altered timeline in which Smoke was never captured and processed to become a cyborg ninja for the Lin Kuei, as he opposes this decision from Grand Master. He first appears when Sonya Blades communicator device picks up two signals from the shores of Outworld, these being Smoke and Tundra (who has adopted his late brother's mantle to honor him). The character is revealed to have long, ghostly white hair, as previous incarnations have always been covered with masks and such.

    The best friends split up, with Smoke encountering Kano trading advanced arms with Shang Tsung, this he cannot allow, and thus engages Kano, Shang Tsung and Reptile (who is also present), consecutively defeating them all. He is then ambushed Sektor, now a cyborg, and a group of generic Lin Kuei cyborgs, who confront him and prepare to forcibly bring him back to the temple in order to undergo a similar procedure. Smoke is able to defeat Sektor, but is quickly overwhelmed by his comrades until Raiden arrives and disables them. He then agrees to join Johnny Cage and the others, fearing the worst for his friend Sub-Zero.

    Smoke's Mortal Kombat 9 Arcade ladder ending is as follows:

    "Shao Kahn's violent death shook the very core of Smoke's being and dislodged his earliest memories. Tomas Vrbada was only a boy when he was abducted by an obscure cult and sacrificed to a demon. Burned alive, he returned to the mortal realm as an enenra, a creature of smoke and vapor. His captors were helpless against his shapeless form as he lashed out with rage, killing them all. His murder avenged, he returned to his human form, remembering nothing of hid former life. Now aware of his true identity, Smoke understands he is no mere assassin, his destiny has been revealed."


    Smoke is an Enenra, a being composed of smoke. Being able to alter back and forth between physical and gaseous states, he's able to avoid harm and whisk himself away in his smoke form. He's also able to generate smoke, creating blasts of smoke, blinding enemies, and filling the opponent with smoke. In addition, he possesses pseudo teleporting and invisibility thanks to his gaseous form.

    As a cyborg, Smoke gained mechanical strength and endurance, as well as a harpoon and bombs that could be shot from his chest compartment.


    • Height: 6'1"
    • Weight: 170 lbs, 555 lbs as cyborg
    • Nationality: Earthrealm
    • Martial Art: Mi Tzu,Judo.He is also skilled with kunai

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