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Angel: Year Five

During the fifth season of Angel a group of Demon Puppets create a show called Smile Time. They use this show to target kids in order to drain their Life essence. When the matter was brought to Angel's attention, he started to investigate. The demons then used dark magic to turn Angel into a puppet. Even in puppet form Angel and the rest of Angel investigations were able to stop Smile Time killing most of the original members.

Spike: Shadow Puppet.

A few months later a new group of demon puppets has started another show in Japan. They quickly became the number two kids show all in of Japan. Marco though had bigger plans.

Smile Time Team two: Angelus Puppet, Ratio Hornblower, Marco, Trots, Fauna, Cat-Scratch, Snuff and the grunt Ninja Puppets.

However, Trots became uncomfortable with the mass harm planned by Smile Time (Trots was okay with the occasional harm) and defected to the moral and decent demons known to reside at the Mosaic Wellness Center. Two groups of resistors formed up against Smile Time based on Trots' information, traveled to Japan and shut them down. Unfortunately Trots did not survive the experience, having been decapitated in his bed at Mosaic by a Ninja Puppet.


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