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    Jeff Smax is a gigantic, blue-skinned, white-haired, super-powered, half-ogre policeman who lives and works in a city populated entirely by super-powered beings.

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     Smax originally hailed from a land based on fantasy myth and fairy tale legends, but had left after a horrifying failure during his career as a dragon slayer.

    Smax is the muscle of Precinct 10, being both incredibly strong, and invulnerable to most forms of harm, including radiation. Smax is often fairly gruff and guarded amongst his peers, mostly due to the frequent loss of loved ones he has experienced in life (most notably his dear friend and late partner, Stochastic Fats). Though at first very hesitant to become friendly with his new partner, Robyn Slinger, he eventually begins to bond with her, even feeling a great need to protect her when she is attacked by Commissioner Ultima. The pair are not romantically involved, however, as Smax has an intimate relationship with his twin sister Rexa.

    Smax is fairly resourceful in the line of duty, but he has a quick temper and is not intellectually inclined, often not thinking things through. Smax has experience using weaponry, including his Singing Sword, but he most often prefers using his fist, or his Strong Light energy (which emanates from his solar plexus).


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