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This book can be read by itself without having to have read Top 10.  This book however takes place after the Top 10 initial series in which Alan Moore penned.
This series is a fun "Quest"ing story.  Like any good fantasy book, there is a Warrior (Smax), a magician (Toybox), an Elf (New guy), Dwarf (More new guys), and a dragon to slay.  Warrior + Magician+ Elf+ Dwarf = EPIC!  Come one D&D fans you know its true.
That is what Smax is, its a fun epic of a tale.  Boy slays dragon and wins damsel at the end. 
I like the art change is not drastic from the on going.  Since Zander Cannon did the inks for the main series, his pencils worked well for this comics.  I also liked how Alan did not get to crazy with the panel work.  This story is meant to be fun and it is kept fun.
My only concern is that there was two typos.  One was just awkward English using the word "Police".  The other more confusing one, is that Smax says his dead uncles name wrong later in the story.  I don't know if this is on purpose to show that Smax is so engrossed into the "Quest" that reality is off and that is why "Uncle Mack" becomes "Uncle Max".  I hope that was the case, if not what were the editors doing?
Another thing nice about Smax is that in the tradition of  Top 10, Alan Moore plugs in pop-culture things to be funny and make social comments.  Such items would be a green lantern power ring and Casper the friendly ghost.
If you can find this out of print book, check it out.  If you can get the soft cover at US cover then that is a steal... you don't want to know what this books goes for on Amazon.
- Silkcuts

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