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    The first human member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard.

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    Growing up on a farm in Iowa, Isabel "Izzy" Kane went to Colorado to study astronomy. After her study, she moved back to her parents' farm, to care for her ailing grandfather. She stayed longer than intended, dealing with the quirks her grandfather, the legendary Captain Terror (Dan Kane), who regularly sabotaged the pen, releasing the animals from their cages. One day, Isabel found a piece of armor on the farm. Without realizing it was a shard of synthetic tri-plated spectra-forms, a piece of a visor from another Smasher, she picked it up and put it in her pocket. Later, the visor gave her a mental message to put it on. As soon as she did, it transformed her into a Smasher. It took her to Chandilar and soon she became the first human member of the Imperial Guard in the history of the Shi'ar Empire.


    Smasher is a Marvel comic book character created by Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opeña. The character first appears in Avengers #1 released in 2013. The character is the newest incarnation of the Imperial Guardsman Smasher. In Avengers #1, Smasher's last name is given as Dare and her grandfather is named Dan. This led to speculation that her grandfather could either be the British Dan Dare. However, in Avengers: Avengers World, Smasher's last name is updated to Kane and her grandfather is assumed to be Dan Kane aka Captain Terror.

    Major Story Arcs

    Avengers and Love

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    Smasher joined the new team of Avengers and soon fought alongside her teammates in numerous adventures.

    During the events of "in which the Avengers traveled into space, a romantic relationship between her and fellow teammember Sam Guthrie (Cannonbal) started to grow. Both Smasher and Cannonbal further these feelings into a full relationship, eventually revealing some months later that they are expecting a child.

    Everything Ends

    Some months into the future, it is seen that Isabel and Sam have had their baby. They named the youngster Josiah Guthrie in honor of Sam's departed brother. Izzy fought alongside the Avengers during the Incursion events, which caused all of reality to crumble. These events let to the new Secret Wars.

    With the Imperial Guard

    After all of reality was restored one more, Izzy left the Avengers and joined the Shi'ar Imperial Guard once more, in which she now serves. More recently, she and her team defeated (an already weakened) Thanos.

    Powers and Abilities

    Smasher possesses super strength, the ability of flight, and penta vision. Penta vision allows for powerful laser like blasts from Smashers eyes although excessive continual usage may harm her retina. She initially begun as one of forty three Smasher class sub-guardians but was recently promoted to a Superguardian. Smasher advanced goggles allow for various types of advanced communications, warning alerts, navigation and access to specialized Shi'ar technology.


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