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Batman and Superman team up for the first time against the Prankster and Mr. Freeze! Could it be the last?


I'll be honest with you there were a lot of times where the art was a bit off. It isn't bad art but there are a lot of times where it looks off. Lex Luthor is drawn great here, and looks a lot like his Smallville counterpart. I must add the cover art is amazing, and I really prefer Clark's costume here to his one in the current DC New 52.

Rating: 3/5

Story & Script.

The story sure does make up for the short comings of the art. The dialogue is fantastic, and the character interaction is amazing. The issue leaves you on the edge of you're seat. Even though it's almost certain that it won't happen, Bryan Q. Miller makes you feel as if Superman is going to die. That in itself is a great accomplishment, Superman, the Man of Steel getting killed by the Prankster. Sure it sounds silly but I honestly was a bit worried for the Man of Steel, and for Batman as well.

Lois is fantastic in this issue. This series puts all of DC's current output of Superman books to shame with how they use Lois. I mean I completely understand why DC broke up Clark and Lois, in the years leading up to the reboot the Clark/Lois relationship had withered. Lois herself just stayed back at the farm, while an angst filled Clark walked across America. Here Lois is getting in on the action. She's confident in herself and arguably every bit as strong as Clark is.

Bruce is really good in this book. This Bruce is a breath of fresh air. While he retains his somewhat broody personality, he has a lot of charisma and humor as well. Stephanie Gordon is also a very good addition to the story. She's got the personality of Stephanie Brown, but the computer skills of Barbara Gordon. She really adds an interesting bit of occasional humor and an everyman(or in this case an everywoman) aspect to the story. I'm really hoping she gets to interact with Chloe before the end of the arc.

Speaking of which, it's great to see Chloe. She isn't fully utilized in this issue, but she does appear and is still every bit as compelling as she used to be. Lastly I really like this version of Prankster. He comes off as a real threat here. Which is surprising considering he's basically a poor mans Toyman/Joker. Additionally Mr. Freeze is pretty well done, but I'm curious on what this versions origin is. Hopefully it's not the Snyder version of Freeze.

Rating: 5/5


While the art isn't the best it does have some shining moments and isn't bad whatsoever just a bit iffy at times. The story makes up for that entirely and provides a fun and engaging team up between Superman and Batman. Right off the bat(no pun intended) it's much better then the current dynamic between Superman and Batman in the New 52. This is a fantastic issue with a real feeling of danger, with some humor sprinkled in, and some really nice character interaction. Pick this issue up, I swear you won't regret it!

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