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Untapped Potential

After the disappointing one-shot from 2002 I had low expectations for the start of this comic series and although it wasn’t perfect I was still pleasantly surprised. Basically Clark and Pete go camping and Clark gets to show off all of his powers which is a lot of fun but then Clark’s father is kidnapped by an invisible man and Clark has to figure out what’s going on and rescue him. I’m really glad that Pete has a lot to do here and this is what Pete should have been doing in the show since he had little to do in it. While I like the camping parts it is disappointing that Verheiden chose to do a freak of the week story which was honestly not what I wanted out of this, especially not an invisible kryptofreak as that had already been done in the season one episode “Shimmer”. Although I must admit that the character here is much more interesting than the villain of the episode. When it comes to the artwork I must say that it is truly excellent here and I was very surprised with the amount of detail here. Other than this story there is an interview and some info on the making of the episode “Dichotic” from season two which was actually pretty interesting although yet again I feel as though the episode break downs at the end are pointless as I could have just watched the episodes! Overall I would say that this issue has a lot of untapped potential but as it is I would say check it out if you are a fan of the early seasons of Smallville.

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