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Jalome Beacher is the original Slyde.
Jalome Beacher is the original Slyde.

Jalome Beacher was a chemical engineer working on a coating that could eliminate any friction between an object and other surfaces. When the company Beacher worked for was taken over by a man named Rockwall, Beacher's lab was closed and he was fired. He later wanted to make his own company to develop the chemical he had been working on but didn't have enough money to fund it.

He decided that the only way to start his new company was to steal it. Beacher created a suit coated with his non-friction chemical. He was now able to move at high speeds by sliding. With his new suit and codename, Slyde, Beacher was now ready to go steal the money he needed.

Slyde robbed a bank and got away from the police and Spider-Man. Slyde then broke into his old laboratory and wrecked the place. He stole a briefcase he found in Rockwall's office.

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When he opened the briefcase, Slyde discovered that the company he used to work for and that was now taken over by Rockwall was involved with money laundering and criminal organisations. Slyde called the authorities and helped set up a sting operation alongside the police. Slyde then contacted Rockwall and offered him the evidence that he had found in return for a certain amount of money. Rockwall and Slyde agreed on a meeting but, unbeknown to Slyde, Rockwall had hired thugs to ambush him and forcibly take the evidence. Spider-Man learned of Rockwall's plan but didn't know that the police was involved at all. Spider-Man got to the meeting place and warned Slyde of the ambush that Rockwall had been planning. Spider-Man then proceeded to capture Rockwall. When the police arrived, Slyde grabbed the ransom money that Rockwall had brought and escaped, with even Spider-Man being unable to catch him while in pursuit.

Mayor Story Arcs

Masters of Evil

Slyde later appeared as a new member of the Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil, and battled the likes of Hawkeye and his team of Thunderbolts. He was later however captured by the law and put into prison, where he remained for a long period of time.

Taken up the Mantle

Jalome's step-brother Matthew briefly donned the costume while Jalome was in prison, but was slain by Wolverine, then under the control of the Hand. Resurrected as part of the Hand's super villain army, he joined a mass attack on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Helicarrier, only to be slain again by Wolverine, who had shaken off the Hand's control.

Civil War

During the Civil War between the pro-registration heroes and anti-registration heroes, Hammerhead contacted the real Slyde. Hammerhead wanted to get as many super villains as possible to oppose the superhero registration act. Slyde refused to join Hammerhead's crew and as a result was shot in the back of the head by Underworld and was killed.

NYPD Slyde

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The latest Slyde is an NYPD police officer who used the suit to bait Spider-Man into a sting operation. The new Slyde tells Spider Man that Beacher was shot execution style and his costume has been placed in the custody of the NYPD. Numerous Mandroids tried to assist Slyde in the capture of Spider Man but the web-head escapes. It is at the time unclear if this officer will continue to use the Slyde costume for the police.


Friction-less suit. Slyde also carried a handgun, through it wasn't actually armed.

Slyde's friction-less suit was also fast enough to hit speeds of 30 MPH, as well as dodge bullets.


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