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    Part of the Weapon X program, Sluggo is a friend to Deadpool, as well as a fellow mercenary

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    Little is known about Bernard Hoyster before he joined the Weapon X program and assumed the identity of Sluggo. Apparently a\ world-class mercenary, Sluggo was part of the an unidentified Department K unit, most likely an early personification of Weapon: Prime (Prototype Induced Mutation Echelon). There he meets for the first time his fellow operatives, Wade Wilson (Deadpool), Garrison Kane and Greg Terraerton (Slayback). The unit scatters after Deadpool blows up Slayback leaving Bernard in search of a new contractor.


    Written by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by Greg Capullo in 1993 for use in Marvel comics. Sluggo's first appearance is in X-Force #22.

    Major Story Arcs

    Not much later Sluggo starts working for Tyler Dayspring, also known as Tolliver. There he becomes friends with Vanessa Carlysle, Deadpool’s ex-lover, Copycat, and starts dating her friend, Tina Valentino. At the same time, the mercenaries Deadpool and Garrison Kane become Tolliver’s employees, but Sluggo, seemingly mad or disappointed with his former companions, doesn’t stay allied.

    Tolliver's Will

    After Tolliver’s death, Sluggo starts searching for Copycat, as he wants information about Tolliver’s Will. Copycat is hiding with Sluggo’s ex-girlfriend Tina in Boston. Both Sluggo and Deadpool track the ladies down and Sluggo impulsively and erroneously shoots Tina (Copycat had been in Tina’s form). This attracts the police’s and consequently Domino’s attention to them.

    When the two mercenaries catch up to the fleeing Copycat at Tina’s house, Domino surprises the pair by shooting them from behind. In this moment, Copycat cuts a deal with Domino, agreeing to lead her to the X-force, then shooting both Sluggo and Deadpool in the head, supposedly to prolong their unconscious state.

    Weeks later Sluggo attempts to approach Copycat’s mother, still seeking information about Toliver’s Will. There he is confronted by Copycat and lets slip Deadpool’s location, as well as some key information about the Tolliver Will hunt. Sluggo is then thrown into Copycat’s mother’s home, where the police arrest him.

    Sluggo is only seen much later when he joins Macho Gomez, Big Bertha, Taskmaster, Weasel, and Blind Al in taking revenge on Deadpool for being a lousy friend. However he was accidentally shot in the head by Weasel with a popcorn-grenade gun.

    In the Deadpool Max mini-series, an alternate continuity, Sluggo is seen an operative for United States interests. His handler is Bob, who in this continuity, is far more competent.

    Powers and Abilities

    Invulnerability - Sluggo is nearly indestructible to any type of physical damage. Little are the weapons capable of piercing through his skin.

    Weaponry Expertise - Sluggo’s mercenary training renders him the capability of handling a great variety of weapons.


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