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    The successful business man and druglord for the Kingpin. He would be remembered as one of Marvel's largest and most abnormal villains.

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    Very little is known about the history of Ulysses X. Lugman. What is clearly known is that he’s an extremely wealthy businessman who’s the owner of several successful companies and businesses. Secretly, Ulysses has a secret business as a druglord, taking on a trademark name known as the Slug. Specializing within the fields of drug trafficking, Slug ran a mass operation within Miami, Florida that managed to reach as far as New York City. 


    Slug was created by Mark Gruenwald and Paul Neary in 1986 and first appeared in Captain America # 324.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Versus Captain America and Nomad

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    Being the Kingpin's secret drug connection, Slug would gain the attention of Nomad and Captain America, whom tried to bring his operation down. Managing to infiltrate Ulysses' yacht, both heroes defeated him and destroyed the yacht as it sank, causing his business to topple.

    That wasn’t the end of Slug as he still managed to continue being the Kingpin's drug connection. However, High Evolutionary's agents destroyed one of the drug supplies that were being sent to New York, damaging Slug's reputation as a druglord. It was during this time that Slug agreed to dispose of an investment counselor, Joe Trinity, as a favor for one of his employers. Because of Joe’s transformation and the involvement of Poison, Slug's assassination plan proved unsuccessful.


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    When the Kingpin was deposed, Slug was one of the many villains who took the opportunity to gain the Kingpin's position. Many heroes attempted to quell any notion of a successor for the Kingpin, including not only Daredevil, but also one of Marvel's most dangerous men, the Punisher. Both Nomad and Punisher wanted to see Slug meet his fate as both men raced to track him down. Even though Nomad managed to be the first to reach Slug, the hero couldn’t kill the crimelord. He'd come down with a sudden case of amnesia, unable to remember who he was.

    The Raft
    Later, Slug inexplicably found himself imprisoned within the Raft. However, Slug was one of many villains who managed to escape after a breakout caused by Electro. Shortly after, Slug was kidnapped by the Skrulls and replaced by an infiltrator before joining the Hood’s Gang. After an attack from Madame Masque, the Skrull infiltrator was exposed and killed by the Hood himself. It would be after the Skrull invasion when the real Slug would return and join the ranks of the Gang. Then Slug, the Hood, and numerous other villains, took on the Avengers, during which his attacks were instantly halted by a knockout blow. With Norman Osborn's reign finished, and the Hoods gang defeated and arrested, the current status/whereabouts of Slug are unknown..


    Smothered by the Slug.
    Smothered by the Slug.

    Slug's power is in his massive weight. Unlike The Blob, he cannot compensate for the weight by manipulating his own mass. He is immobile. It is also said that his mutant power is what keeps him alive and able to function. Supposedly his bulk is malleable enough to wrap around those who fall into it and asphyxiate them.


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