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    Slobo is a clone of Lobo and a member of the superteam Young Justice.

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    When Young Justice traveled to Apokolips, Lobo was killed by Parademons. Each drop of his blood regenerated into a new Lobo, and a wild hoard of Lobos ravaged Apokolips, fight each other until only one remained and the defacto Lobo. Unknown to him, one drop of blood formed into a smaller, weaker clone. This clone knew he was not the strongest and hid on Young Justice's space ship to keep himself from being killed.

    Major Story Arc

    Young Justice

    The clone felt he was weak and did not deserve the name Lobo. He finally shook his depression when his teammate Secret, telling a story said "So Lobo here took it as a challenge." The clone proclaimed that he liked that and would henceforth be named Slobo. He became the team's mechanic and maintained a strong bond with Empress.

    Unfortunately, Slobo's genetics proved to be problematic and his body began to degrade, causing him to weaken and go blind. Knowing he would die soon, he sacrificed his life to save his teammate, Secret, from Darkseid. Darkseid's omega beams transported Slobo's essence into the future, where he became trapped in his own statue in the headquarters of the 853rd century's Young Justice.

    Other Media

    Young Justice: Outsiders

    Lob's finger changing over time
    Lob's finger changing over time

    In the HBO Max streaming season of Young Justice, Lobo lost a finger during a fight with the titular team. Over the course of the series, the credit sequence would often return to the finger as it laid on the ground at the scene of the fight. Over time, it would appear as if it was decomposing, but it was actually reconstituting itself per Lobo's strange healing factor, eventually transforming into a tiny clone of Lobo, that Lobo eventually returns to squash.


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