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    Slither is a mutant that has been a member of Mutant Force, Serpent Society and the second Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants.

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    Brief History

    Slither was recruited by Magneto alongside four other mutants which included Burner, Lifter, Peeper and Shocker. Magneto and Captain America responded to a newspaper ad that stated a mutant needed sensitive persons or agencies equipped to help provide a home environment and care. Both men met a man that had possessed a tiny, minute mutant he called Mister One inside his wrist watch. Magneto attempted to steal this mutant because it possessed great mental abilities but came into conflict with Mister Two who was Mister One's bigger protector. Magneto returned back to his base and told his mutant band his plan to steal the tiny mutant and called it Operation Grab. Slither and the rest of his fellow mutants attacked Mister Two and Captain America when they were outside the SHIELD medical facility. Slither displayed his mutant abilities when he ensnared Captain America with his body and attempted to squeeze the life out of him. Slither and the rest of the group retreated when SHIELD members appear but it allowed Magneto the diversion he needed to steal Mister One from the SHIELD medical lab. Slither would engage with Captain America and Mister Two when they infiltrated Magneto's lair. Mister One activated a bomb where Slither and the rest of Magneto's mutant squad had disappeared after the explosion.


    Slither was created by Jack Kirby in 1977 and first appeared in Captain America Annual # 4.

    Powers & Abilities

    Slither is a mutant with a snake-humanoid appearance that can elongate his body and limbs to wrap an opponent. Slither then squeezes and constricts his opponent until they become unconscious or death occurs due to suffocation. Slither has enhanced strength and speed due to his reptilian attributes.

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