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    Bass guitarist for Scare Tactics.

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    Jimmy grew up being subjected to experiments by his depraved biochemist father, who was obsessed with creating a breed of human with an immunity to cancer. In fact, it was his father who caused him to mutate into a reptile, with his ceaseless and merciless experiments. He eventually ran away, and worked for the circus as Jimmy the Reptile Boy.


    Slither was created by Andy Lanning, Len Kaminski and Anthony Williams.

    Character Evolution


    At age 14 he was captured by R-Complex as part of their top secret program, Operation Prodigy. He escaped - with a little help from Arnold Burnsteel and Fate - and joined a music band called Scare Tactics. He's the youngest of the group, and he's the classic 'troubled youth' carrying around a huge load of free-floating anger. The band were curious as to whether his violent and sadistic tendencies were a result of his upbringing or his mutated genetics. He later confesses that he is becoming more like an animal all the time, not just physically but mentally, too.

    He has a huge crush on Scream Queen, but it is completely unrequited. His best friend in the group is Grossout, who often comforts Jimmy (for example, when Jake and Nina are flirting, and Grossout sees how hurt Jimmy is), and eventually risks his life to save him in Scare Tactics #9.

    Major Story Arcs

    Snake Oil

    In the Scare Tactics issue Snake Oil, we learn the truth about Slither's past, from his father's experiments to his imprisonment by R-Complex. The story is presented in a series of flashbacks which appear to Jimmy when he is hospitalized.

    Superboy Plus

    In Superboy Plus #2, Jimmy is set to Metropolis to lay low with Project Cadmus. There he finds his father, Erazmus Tilton, and the two have a confrontation which leads to his father being fired. Unfortunately for Jimmy, it is then explained to him that without his father's expertise and years of research, finding a cure for his condition may be impossible.

    Assisters Of Mercy

    Heartbreak for Grossout
    Heartbreak for Grossout

    As the Scare Tactics story progresses, Jimmy's behaviour becomes more and more erratic. He becomes progressively more violent toward the people around him, eventually turning on his band mates. In Scare Tactics #11, he has become so volatile that he attacks Nina,trying to force himself on her. When the darkness in him subsides, he is horrified, and deeply ashamed of himself. Jimmy loves Nina, and is distraught at the the thought of hurting her. Yet he knows that he cannot control his behaviour, and recognizes that he is a danger to his friends.

    Jimmy eventually pleads with Grossout to take his life, putting him out of his misery before he can do any more damage. Grossout tearfully accepts, and hugs his friend for a moment before snapping his neck.

    He was replaced by an unnamed four-armed bassist.


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