Character » Slithe appears in 48 issues.

    A Lizardman general who serves Mumm-Ra with a vengeance against the Thundercats.

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    Character Evolution

    Animated series


    Slithe is the leader of the evil mutants of Third Earth and commands both Monkian and Jackalman. However all three were pawns to Mumm-Ra. Slithe was the most intelligent of the Mutants and was a skilled combatant and machine user also possessing enhanced strength, durability and speed.

    2011 remake

    Renamed as Slythe, he returns in the 2011 remake of the Thundercats where he is a general of Mumm-Ra's Lizard Army. Slythe's motivation is to end the ancient conflict between the Lizardmen and the Thundercats with a Lizardman victory. This incarnation usually wields an assault rifle equipped with a bayonet.

    Slythe is a prominent character from the beginning of the series, first appeared leading the Lizard Army conquering Thundera. Mumm-Ra tasked him to hunt down Lion-O's company throughout the Season.

    Slithe was tasked of finding 2 new generals after the loss of Grune and found Kaynar (Jackalman) and Addicus (Monkian), bringing forth a more modern version of the evil mutants. Slithe is extremely intelligent and cunning as he was one of and is now the head general of Mumm-Ra's army.


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