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Xarina was born on another planet, where her original form was gaseous. There, her people's destiny are already mapped out from birth. They have no choice but to server their purpose. Xarina escaped her destiny by coming to Earth. She made her body corporeal by forming "soil and stars". Upon making contact with other people, she came across a comic made by a kindergarten kid. Gazing inside the comic, she saw the kid's idea of a superheroine and modelled herself after that.

When her future teammate Wingboy pointed out that she was being followed, Xarina discovered that her brother Laminar had tracked her and intended to take her back to their homeplanet to serve their purpose. She resisted however, and with the help from her teammates of the In Crowd, her brother retreated. Xarina stayed on Earth and chose a new name for herself: Slipstream.


Slipstream was created by Tom Hutchison.


Slipstream has the ability to fly and has enhanced strength and dexterity, due to Earth's denser atmosphere.


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