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Origins of the Slingers

As a spin-off from a Spider-Man story arc which involved him creating new identities with new costumes (and seemingly new powers), the identities were passed to four new characters. The new owners of the identities were:

Eddie McDonough, a shy freshman at Empire State University, who gained the enhanced strength and cybernetic exoskeleton of the Hornet

Ritchie Gilmore, an egotistic college student with dreams of glory, was soon encased within bulletproof costume of Prodigy.

Johnny Gallo possessed his own hyperactive agility from being a mutant and assumed the mantle of Ricochet.

Cassie St. Commons, a poor little rich girl from Connecticut, took on the guise of Dusk.

The explanation for these identities being passed on was that a Golden Age hero called the Black Marvel had made a deal with Mephisto, and gained replicas of the costumes formerly used by Spider-Man. He then found the four college students who would accept the costumes, and gave the costumes to them. The team generally used a billboard promoting New York City's heroes

The team was disbanded after Black Marvel died and after Prodigy and Hornet lost their costumes.

Current whereabouts of the team

  • Ricochet is the only member of the team still continuing as as superhero, in the team known as the Loners. He has kept his powers after M-Day.
  • Prodigy would later get a new costume and join The Initiative as leader of Nevada's super-hero team the Heavy Hitters. And would later openly denounce the Initiative after Norman Osborn took over.
  • Hornet would also get his costume back, but met a tragic fate when a brainwashed Wolverine murdered him.
  • After the Slingers disbanded, Dusk has only appeared once, and that was in cameo appearance. There were hints in the Loners series that she would return (such as Mattie Franklin being hired to find her, and a mysterious shadow resembling her appearing on a wall at one point), but these plot points appear to have been forgotten.

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